Program Description

The Provost’s Office and University Mission & Ministry welcome grant applications from faculty for research projects in Formative Education. Strategic Direction II in Ever to Excel: Advancing Boston College’s Mission aims to “enhance the University’s commitment to formation among students, faculty, and staff to further Boston College’s mission and strengthen its institutional culture.” The Jesuit educational tradition has emphasized formation for nearly 500 years, and formative education today is a central dimension of Boston College in and out of the classroom. Research on formative practices and programs will help advance our efforts. The University will support fundamental research on formative education as well as work that evaluates programs and/or that brings together theory and practice. While most successful proposals will focus on Boston College students, faculty and staff, research may also extend to K-12 education more broadly, as well as research with University alumni in hopes of measuring impact that may not be evident until some years later.

While the goals and outcomes of any given project will vary, each project should produce a scholarly contribution to the knowledge in a relevant field.  As the University continues our conversations about formative education, such studies, outcomes and potential recommendations will make important contributions.

Projects will be selected by the Provost and Vice President for University Mission & Ministry, and an advisory committee appointed by the Provost and the Vice President. Because formative education is a University-wide initiative, interdisciplinary research is encouraged.

Application Submission Date

Deadline to apply – April 1, 2022.  Funds to be received in June 2022.

Recipients will be notified no later than May 1, 2022.

Funding for this program must be initiated during the summer months, but the project period may continue through the following academic year.  This program is designed to support research carried out directly by the faculty applicant.

Amount and Conditions of the Award

Each recipient will be awarded up to $15,000, which can include up to $10,000 summer salary.  Projects should be designed to start during the summer recess and to be completed by the end of the following academic year. Funds must be expended no later than May 15, 2023.

Grants cannot be used to award tuition remission to any student.

Anyone who receives funding must complete an Internal Grants Conflict of Interest Disclosure form in order for the funds to be released.

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Application Instructions

Faculty must submit an online application form.  

Proposals include:

  • Online Application Form

  • Two-page description of the project, including its particular relevance to Formative Education

  • Budget Template (Download to Excel, and fill out): Summer salary is allowed for full-time faculty up to $10,000. If requesting summer salary, an additional 8% for fringe benefits must be factored into the budget request. If hiring a student, please confirm the typical pay rate in your department or school. Please use the budget template provided for all anticipated expenses.

Documentation Format:

Minimum 1-inch margins, Arial Font, 11 point or larger. Proposals can be single or double spaced. A separate bibliography section can be used for references cited in the body of the proposal.

Additional Instructions

Due to the uncertainty surrounding in person events during covid-times, if your proposal includes planning for in person events (i.e., luncheons, conference, or travel), please understand that if funding is granted, the events or travel may not be allowed and contingency plans should be made. Any reallocation of funds will need approval.

Subsequent to receiving funding, the recipient will be asked to submit brief progress and final reports using our online form.

Failure to provide updates precludes the researcher from further participation in this grant opportunity. If a recipient receives any further funding, or papers are published as a result of this grant, then this information should be shared with the Office of the Provost and Dean of Faculties via email to, citing “Formative Education Grant Update.” 

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All full-time, tenure-track and non-tenure track faculty are eligible for this grant – and participation is encouraged by all. Rank is not a criterion.

Faculty who have a balance in their start-up packages greater than $30,000 are excluded from applying. 

Application Review

The Provost and Vice President of Mission and Ministry, and an advisory committee appointed by the Provost and Vice President of Mission and Ministry, will conduct an evaluation of all the proposals received. Grant recipients will be announced no later than May 1, 2022. The awards will be based on the overall contribution to the field of Formative Education. Creativity and collaboration is encouraged. Interdisciplinary work is strongly encouraged.

At this time, feedback on applicants that are not funded will not be available. 

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