Boston College promotes global coöperation and research, offers international learning opportunities to all students, and embraces transformative education through meaningful encounters.

The Office of Global Engagement hopes to assist you in building bridges to the people and institutions you seek by accompanying you along the numerous pathways to BC’s partners worldwide.

James F. Keenan, SJ   
Vice Provost for Global Engagement
Cansius Chair, Director, Jesuit Institute
Professor, Theology

+1 617-552-3765

Bryan C. Fleming    
Director, Global Engagement

+1 617-552-1238


Vaughn Thornton   
Program & Outreach Specialist Global Engagement

+1 617-552-1913



Oressa Gray-Mullen  
Graduate Assistant

Jessie Saeli 
Graduate Assistant

Phoebe Swe
Graduate Assistant

Paxton Decker   
Undergraduate Assistant

Aidan O'Neill   
Undergraduate Assistant

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