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Congratulations on being accepted to the Boston College Experience. Below, you will find information you will need before starting our program.

What to Bring

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How to Pay

Payment for our programs is due in full within two weeks of receiving your decision.

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Learn more about BCE's policies and expectations for residential students.

Policies & Expectations

BCE Handbook

Download the BCE Handbook which includes information on program policies, campus resources, and life on campus.

BCE Handbook

Additional Program Details

Please Note:
Unfortunately, the use of the Connell Recreation Center’s exercise apparatus is subject to rules and regulations pertaining to use by minors, which makes it unavailable for participants of the program and is indisputable. However, the program will be renting basketball and/or  tennis courts for students to use on designated dates. Students can also work-out by running on natural routes in/around campus (e.g. Chestnut Hill Reservoir).

BCE students enrolled in the Honors Program choose two courses from a list of carefully curated interdisciplinary courses offered to all undergraduate students during the summer. With classes in numerous disciplines, students choose which courses to take and have the opportunity to earn college credit. 

Advising and Course Selection 

Students’ formal curriculum is complemented by activities designed to broaden each student’s experience. Academic advising by professors and counselors assists students in their summer study as well as in planning for future study. BCE Program Assistant in the residence hall help give insight into what life both inside and outside of the classroom is like in the university setting. You should indicate on your application which concentration and courses you are interested in taking but this is just to help you gauge interest. Course selection and registration will occur in April. 

NOTE: Two Week Non-Credit Programs are comprised of specifically designed curriculum and open to BCE participants only.  Students enrolled in these programs do not choose from the interdisciplinary list referenced above nor do they earn college credit.

Academic Support

Students in the BCE Honors Program are taking regular university Summer Session courses alongside other BC undergraduates and visiting students.  Although professors are made aware that they have BCE students in their courses, they do not treat them any differently in their participation or academic expectations. College level courses are significantly more difficult than AP or Honors courses in high school and students should be prepared for a challenge and ready to commit time outside of class to read and complete assignments. Our staff is available and ready to assist students in understanding the academic expectations and learning how to organize their time. Our academic advisors and program staff are always available to provide additional support should a student find they are struggling to manage the course work. Additionally, tutoring and writing assistance is available through the Connors Family Learning Center.

Boston College reserves the right to amend and supplement the rules and regulations governing participation in the Boston College Experience.

Living on a college campus, away from family and friends all things familiar, is a new experience for many students. It is important that all students in the BCE Program understand the conduct expected of members of the community by Boston College and specifically the policies of the Boston College Experience.

Please take the time to read our Program Policies & Expectations (above) with your student so that everyone in the program can have a safe and enjoyable experience.  Please note that failure to abide by program policies may result in the immediate removal of a student without refund, particularly in matters related to the safety of students including but not limited to the use or presence of alcohol and/or drugs. Additionally, violations of the policy are not reserved only for activities individual participate in themselves, but awareness of violations occurring that are not reported to the BCE staff in a timely manner. We will always do our very best to protect confidentiality, but in the end, safety of every member of the community must always come first.

The BCE program will always provide a variety of optional, extra-curricular activities for students to choose from during non-class times. These activities are included as part of the student's program fee * and will be shared with them via sign-up boards in the Residence Hall and a weekly student newsletter sent all students via email. However, it is the students' responsibility sign up for those optional activities.

This is a Pre-College Program not an overnight camp. It is meant to introduce students to college life in a safe and supportive environment. Part of the transition to college life is learning to manage one's personal time. As such, the BCE Staff does not plan every moment of the student's day while they are in the program. 

 *Commuter students do not have access to evening activities that take place in the Residence Halls

Safety and Supervision

Boston College has a policy on the Protection of Minors, which establishes guidelines and procedures to promote the protection of minors who participate in university programs. All individuals involved with this program must participate in annual training on the Protection of Minors Policy. In addition, all program staff are required to participate in background checks.


International applicants must submit a TOEFL or IELTs score, if English is your second language. You should have an English proficiency demonstrated by a minimum TOEFL (English level) score of 577 (written), 100 (computer) 90 (iBT), or 6.5 (IELTS). The TOEFL code for Boston College is: 3276. The TOEFL or IELTS score may not be substituted by other standardized test scores such as the PSAT and SAT.

International students currently studying, for at least two years, at a school where the primary language of instruction is in English may request a waiver from the TOEFL requirement. You must submit a school transcript that clearly states that English is the primary language of instruction. 

BCE Honors

BCE Honors program is an asynchronous/online format and does not require a student visa to enroll.

Two-Week Non-Credit Courses

Boston College does not issue student visa for non-credit programs. International students should enter the United States in a visitor status instead of F-1 student status. For citizens of countries requiring a visa to enter the U.S., participants should obtain a B-2 “Visitor for Pleasure” visa to come to the U.S., which allows you to engage in tourist-related plans as well as to participate in these programs. Citizens of countries who enjoy the benefits of the Visa Waiver Program should enter the U.S. in WT “Waiver Tourist” status, which permits the same activity.

Health Insurance & Vaccinations

International students must provide proof of health insurance before the program begins, and coverage must be a U.S. based health insurance policy. Please note: We cannot let students into the program without appropriate vaccinations under any circumstance. 

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