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After the BCE Honors Program ends how do I get my BCE transcript?
<p>BCE Honors students may request an official BC transcript from the Office of Student Services.</p> <p><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon"><a href="/content/bc-web/offices/student-services/registrar/transcript-requests.html">Office of Student Services Site</a></span></p>
Are the applications for summer 2023 open?
<p>No, applications for Summer 2023 are now closed.</p>
Are there any discounts or financial aid offered for BCE programs?
<p>Unfortunately, BC does not offer discounts or financial aid for any summer programs or courses.</p>
Can commuter students eat on-campus?
<p>Commuter students may join their classmates in any of the dining halls for meals. They may pay by debit or credit card.<br /> </p>
Can commuters participate in on-campus programming?
<p>Yes, commuter students can participate in programming not taking place in the residence hall. Due to security issues, only residential students are allowed in the residence hall at ANY TIME.<br /> </p>
Can students commute to the Two-Week Non-Credit courses?
<p>Yes, students can choose to commute.<br /> </p>
Do I need to submit a transcript and letter of recommendation?
<p>Yes. Two-Week Non-Credit applicants must submit one letter of recommendation but are not required to submit a transcript. Honors Program applicants are required to submit an official high school transcript and two letters of recommendation.<br /> </p>
Does Boston College provide airport pick-up and/or drop off?
<p>No, Boston College does not provide airport pick-up and/or drop-off.<br> </p>
Does the residence hall have air conditioning?
<p>BCE students will be housed in the lower campus residence halls which have air conditioning.<br /> </p>
Does the residence staff live in the residence hall?
<p>Yes. The residence staff consists of a resident director, three program coordinators, and a team of peer advisors. The residence staff is there to respond to emergencies, carry out college policies and procedures, plan programming and assist students with getting to know the campus.<br /> </p>
How much do books and course materials cost?
<p>Cost of books and course materials depend on the course.&nbsp;</p>
How much homework do instructors assign?
<p>The amount of homework varies from one class to another. In most cases, students should expect no more than two hours of homework per night.</p>
I am homeschooled and interested in applying. Who is eligible to submit recommendation letters on my behalf?
<p>Letters of recommendation provide us with objective, unbiased, and contextual feedback about a student’s academic and personal attributes. Given the nature of homeschooling, parents are often identified as the head of school, guidance counselor, teacher, coach, and more. While we expect that a student’s homeschool instructor (usually a parent) will submit an academic and evaluative recommendation, it is strongly recommended that third-party, non-familial sources of recommendation are also submitted. Those that can speak to an academic experience are particularly important. </p> <p>For example, many homeschoolers complete college level courses at a local post-secondary institution; a letter of recommendation from the college instructor would be a valuable third-party assessment tool. In addition to external academic assessments, recommendations that speak to a student’s involvement in the community can also be helpful. Many homeschooled students participate in community activities, local organizations, regional athletic clubs, local religious programs and more. <br /> </p>
I am interested in both the Honors Program and the Two-Week Non-Credit courses. Can I apply to both?
<p>No. Students can only apply to one of the programs.<br /> </p>
I am interested in the Two-Week Non-Credit courses. Can I apply to more than one?
<p>Yes, you may enroll in another two-week, non-credit course, but the course must take place during a different session. Students can enroll up to a maximum of two different two-week, non-credit courses. <br /> </p>
I participated in the program last year, must I reapply?
<p>Returning applicants must reapply.<br /> </p>
May I still apply to the program if I am already a senior in high school?
<p>No. Students must be entering their senior year in September 2023.<br /> </p>
What are the application requirements for each program?
<p>Please see the Apply page.</p> <p><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon"><a href="/content/bc-web/sites/bc-experience/apply.html">Apply</a></span></p>
What credentials does a student receive in completing the BCE program?
<p>BCE Honors Program students who satisfactorily complete the coursework are eligible to earn up to 8 semester hours of college credit. Students who participate in the BCE Non-Credit Programs&nbsp;will receive a certificate of participation/completion.</p>
What if my PSAT, SAT, or ACT scores are low?
<p>For both the Honors Program and the Two-Week Non-Credit courses, test scores are not required.<br /> </p>
What is asynchronous learning?
<p>Asynchronous learning is not the same as the remote learning you may have experienced in the spring and fall. Students will not be expected to meet in a Zoom classroom every day at a specific time for a live class. Your &quot;classroom&quot; will be the Canvas Learning Management Platform and you will engage with the faculty, other classmates and the materials primarily on your own time.</p>
What is the cost of the program?
<p><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon"><a href="/content/bc-web/sites/bc-experience/about/costs-payment.html">View Program Costs</a></span></p>
What is the refund/cancellation policy?
<p><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon"><a href="/content/bc-web/sites/bc-experience/about/costs-payment.html">Program Costs</a></span></p>
What kind of on-campus programming will be happening?
<p>BCE Program Assistants will plan programs for both commuter and residential students to get to know the campus. At least one mandatory academic off-campus program will be scheduled during the weekend.<br /> </p>
What safety precautions are in place for my child in the online environment?
<p>All courses are password protected and behind a firewall. Links used in the classroom are also password protected and only open to the BC community.<br /> </p>
When is the application deadline?
<p>The Honors Program final deadline is March 10, 2023.</p> <p>The Two-Week Non-Credit application deadlines are the following:<br> February 10, 2023<br> March 10, 2023<br> April 7, 2023 - International Student deadline<br> May 5, 2023 -&nbsp;Final Application Deadline for Non-Credit Courses</p> <p>We strongly recommend that students apply early. International students are encouraged to apply by the April 7, 2023 deadline.&nbsp;</p>
When will I be notified of an admission decision?
<p>Students will receive notifications within two weeks of the deadline dates. <br /> </p>
Where are classes held?
<p>The Honors Program courses will take place online and will be offered in an asynchronous format.&nbsp;</p> <p>The Two-Week Non-Credit Courses: <i>Introduction to Concepts in Psycholog</i>y and <i>Fundamentals of Economics</i> will offer an online/asynchronous section and an in-person section. <i>Psychiatry and the TikTok Generation</i> and <i>Applied Neuropsychology</i> are offered online/asynchronous. The remaining Two-Week Non-Credit Courses will take place on the Boston College campus.<br> </p>
Where do students eat?
<p>Students will eat in one of BC dining halls. For residential students, food is covered in the tuition costs. For more detailed descriptions of the dining halls, their hours, and their food offerings visit the <a href="/content/bc-web/offices/auxiliary-services/sites/dining.html">BC Dining website</a>.<br /> </p>
Will BCE have any online programs?
<p>The Honors Program will be offered online only in an asynchronous format.&nbsp;In addition, the Two-Week Non-Credit Courses <i>Introduction to Concepts in Psychology </i>and<i> Applied Neuropsychology </i>are offered fully online.</p> <p><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon"><a href="/content/bc-web/sites/bc-experience/programs/honors-program.html">About the Honors Program</a></span></p>
Will BCE require students to be vaccinated for COVID-19?
<p>All students, staff and faculty at BC are required to be fully vaccinated and receive the first booster. <br /> </p>
Will all learning in the online courses be done live via Zoom?
<p>No, these courses are offered primarily asynchronously using the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS).</p>
Will participants have access to BC resources?
<p>Please see the <a href="/content/bc-web/sites/bc-experience/admitted-students.html">Admitted Students</a> page.<br /> </p>
Will participating in this program help me to get into Boston College?
<p>The Boston College Experience program is an opportunity for students to become familiar with Boston College as an educational institution and community. Participation in the program will have no influence on any ongoing or future application to the undergraduate program.</p>
Will participation in the Honors Program require me to be online every day?
<p>The expectations for weekly live engagement will differ based on the course. However, while there may not be an expectation of daily LIVE interaction (i.e., faculty led Zoom classes), there may be expectation of daily engagement with the course (i.e., watching videos, discussion board participation, etc.). Please refer to your syllabus for details and be sure to clarify expectations with your faculty member.</p>
Will students enrolled in the Honors Program take courses with undergraduate college students?
<p>Yes. Honors students will take the same summer courses offered to undergraduate college students. <br /> </p>
Will the Honors Program credits transfer to other schools?
<p>Yes. Students should contact the intended school about their policies and procedures in regards to transferring college credit.</p>
Will there be a residential option for BCE?
<p>Yes, students applying to the Two-Week Non-Credit Courses will have the option to live on-campus or to commute to the Boston College campus. There is no residential option for the Honors Program.<br /> </p>