Flesh Made Word


Thomas A. Kane, C.S.P.


Welcome to a new on-line preaching collection in a multimedia format -- FLESH MADE WORDThe Art of Crafting a HomilyThis series will introduce the viewer to the art of crafting a homily through a variety of preaching approaches. Much of the material is visual, and the examples are designed to explore a wide range of preaching methods, styles, and techniques.  This process was designed for both the seasoned and beginner preacher.  There is a full menu of options, and each unit contains an introduction, a homily, and a conversation, which are time-coded.  The series consists of nine units.

Video recordings of homilies and conversations:

1:40:00  minutes of actual preaching /1:50:10  minutes for Conversations

Simply click on the title to access the material.  You can view each set in whatever order you choose.  The homilies were shot mostly on location with a congregation.  The recommended viewing method is to begin with the homily and then follow up the conversation with the preacher discussing the actual process of crafting the homily.  We hope this series will open up to you the world of preaching, as we continue to proclaim and embody the Word.


1:40:00  minutes of actual preaching
1:50:10  minutes for Conversations


The Rev. Thomas A. Kane, CSP, is a Paulist priest, and an internationally known ritual maker and videographer.  His research interests include the area of arts, communication, and liturgy and culture.  Dr. Kane studies contemporary worship and celebration and has written and lectured on liturgy, dance and creativity in the United States and around the world.  He has documented liturgical inculturation, making documentaries about the Church and culture in different parts of the world - Africa, Latin America and the South Pacific. His DVD collection, The Dancing Church Around the World, includes The Dancing Church of Africa, The Dancing Church of the South Pacific, and FIESTA! Celebrations at San Fernando Cathedral, published by Paulist Press.

Father Kane recently retired from the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry where he taught preaching, liturgy, and theology and the arts for over forty years.  He also collaborated with a “preaching team” to produce three faculty handbooks on methods in teaching preaching.     

As the director of Paulist Reconciliation Ministries in Washington, D.C., he coordinates various ministry projects throughout North America, including outreach to disaffected and alienated Catholics.  He is the Executive Director of Landings, a lay ministry program that welcomes returning Catholics to the Church.  He recently edited Healing God’s People: Theological and Pastoral ApproachesA Reconciliation Reader and All Holy Men and Women: A Paulist Litany of Saints.  His next project will be developing Landings2, a follow-up program to assist returning Catholics to explore their spiritual development.

He was a liturgical consultant to the World Conference of Churches in Geneva for many years and is a member of the Academy of Homiletics, the Catholic Association of Teachers of Homiletics (CATH), and the North American Academy of Liturgy and Societas Liturgica

On stage, he choreographed the liturgical movements for Sarah Caldwell’s 25th anniversary production of Leonard Bernstein’s Mass and has performed with the Omega Dance Company as a guest artist in the United States and abroad.  On Sundays, Father Kane assists at St. Malachy Parish in Burlington, MA,  and Holy Family Parish in Concord, MA.