hands passing certificate

Our certificates may be a great resource if:

  • you are looking for a structured way to extend your study, or
  • you need to document your preparation to volunteer for ministry in your parish or school.

Each of our certificates require:

  • 30 weeks of STM Online: Crossroads courses and
  • the Certificate of Active Participation for each course.

Please Note:

  • Each course can only be counted towards one certificate.
  • If you have taken a Crossroads course within the last five years, it may be counted for one of the certificates below, if it has not been previously counted toward a certificate.

You can keep track of your own work toward the certificate, then email us (crossroads@bc.edu) with the worksheet filled out for the one you are seeking.  We will review our records of your participation, and if you qualify we will mail a formally printed and signed copy to your address.