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Crossroads offers certificates, mini courses, and other opportunities.

Online Certificates

Certificates offer a structured format to extend your study. They can also document your preparation to volunteer for ministry in your parish or school. 

Each of our certificates require 30 weeks of STM Online: Crossroads courses and the Certificate of Active Participation for each course.

Areas of Study

  • Basic Catechesis
  • Liturgy
  • Adult Faith Formation
  • Spirituality
  • New Testament
  • Continuing Education

Self Directed Mini Courses

Mini courses are self-paced, self-directed online learning opportunities. They include audio narration and videos, but no facilitated discussion.

Free of charge and available 24/7, year-round


  • The Birth of Jesus - Two Gospel Narratives
  • The Death of Jesus - Four Gospel Narratives
  • El Nacimiento De Jesús
  • La Muerte De Jesús: Cuatro Narrativas Evangélicas

Courses in Thematic Areas

We offer courses aligned with 8 major themes. Courses generally run 4-6 weeks and the cost ranges from free to $60. 


  • Prayer and Spirituality
  • Scripture
  • Ministries
  • Signs of the Times
  • The Moral Life
  • Sacrament and Liturgy
  • Our Christian Tradition

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