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Date posted:   Sep 20, 2023

The Engaged Parish

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Fee: $60 | Five Weeks
Working for a more vibrant faith community?  Adult faith formation plays a vital role in animating the local church. Yet, it often suffers relative neglect. This course is for anyone on a parish council or other ministry with adults.


Explore the ways in which faith formation can happen anywhere members work together in the life of the church through evangelization, catechesis, and conversation about things that really matter.  This course considers the cultural issues of diversity in the parish and post-modernity in the greater society as the context for deepening adults' engagement in the faith community. It also reflects on the communities of practice that make up the parish, and how to leverage them in helping individuals grow in their faith.

This course was previously titled "Adult Faith Formation for a Vibrant Church."  

This course has a required text:  Jane E. Regan. Forming A Community of Faith: A Guide to Success in Adult Faith Formation Today. Twenty-Third Publications, 2014


  • Introductory Week: The Contemporary Context for Adult Faith Formation
  • Week 1: Connecting Evangelization and Adult Faith Formation
  • Week 2: Key Themes in the Catechetical Vision
  • Week 3: The Skill of Engaging Adults in Conversation
  • Week 4: Community of Practice: A New Perspective of Parish Life

Additional Materials Needed:

Jane E. Regan. Forming A Community of Faith: A Guide to Success in Adult faith Formation Today. Twenty-Third Publications, 2014

Content Scholars:  STM Professors Thomas GroomeTheresa O'Keefe, Hosffman Ospino, and Jane E. Regan