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Date posted:   Oct 18, 2023

Effective Preaching: Preaching for Children

Photo of Preaching for Children

Fee: $30 | Three Weeks
It's important to understand your audience in order to preach effectively.  As an audience, children’s interests can inform homilies that would inspire anyone.  Join us to gain a greater appreciation for the issues that children wonder about and their capacity for awe. 


Practice connecting the faith and liturgy to children’s everyday lives.  Consider the importance of non-verbal communication in speaking to children’s hearts.  This course is ideal for leaders of Liturgy of the Word for Children, as well as catechists, religious educators, or anyone else who works with children to nurture their faith.  This workshop is based on the Boston College web site Touchstones for Preaching/ Special Touchstone – Preaching to Children.

This course has a required text: Jim Campbell. 52 Simple Ways to Talk with Your Kids about Faith. Chicago: Loyola Press, 2007.


Week 1: Introductory Week
Week 2: Seven Characteristics of Children and Three Mysteries of Life
Week 3: Tips for Preaching to Children

Content Scholar: Dr. Ann Garrido, associate professor of homiletics at the Aquinas Institute of Theology.