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Date posted:   Oct 04, 2023

Autumn Blessings: Spirituality in the Second Half of Life

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Fee: $60 | Five Weeks
This course examines the spiritual tasks in the second half of adulthood in contrast to the first half of life.  In the course, participants have an opportunity to reflect on hope, forgiveness, mercy, self-love, and the meaning of discipleship at this stage of life.  There is discussion of living in the present, shaping one's legacy, articulating one's core values, and looking at one's personal power.



Week 1: Introduction
Week 2: Metaphors for Stages of Life; Spiritual Tasks
Week 3: Living in the Present and Seasoning the Senses
Week 4: Human Integrity and Self-Love
Week 5: Shaping our Legacy and Awareness of Personal Power

This course includes:

Content Scholar: Evelyn Eaton Whitehead, James D. Whitehead, Dr. Kathleen Fischer, and Father Ronald Rolheiser; Course designed by Dr. Barbara Radtke