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Date posted:   Jul 22, 2020

The Gospel of Luke

Photo of Ceiling mural of St. Luke with a bull

Fee: $30 | Three Weeks


Luke sends us on a journey with Jesus, a revolutionary mission to bring down the powerful and lift up the lowly, to release the captives and heal the broken. It's a revolution of tearing down the boundaries of hate, and ushering in a peace where all are neighbors. As he meets his destiny in Jerusalem to fulfill God's promises, will we recognize the Lord?

Join us to learn more about this Gospel, its literary style, unique stories, and message of prayer. This course explores the Gospel's setting, the Evangelist who wrote it, and the community for which it was written. It will also introduce practices for using the Gospel in prayer and reflection about your life. No previous experience in Scripture study is necessary.


Week 1:  The Writing of the Gospels
Week 2: The Healing and Reconciling Savior: Luke's Portrait of Jesus
Week 3: A Closer Reflection on Key Themes in Luke

Additional Materials Needed

Although a Bible is available online, you may also wish to have a Bible available in hard copy.  For online Bibles, we recommend:

Content Scholars:

Dr. Philip A. Cunningham (text), professor of theology and religious studies, St. Joseph's University, and Rev. Michael Himes (video), priest of the Diocese of Brooklyn, New York, and professor of theology, Boston College Theology Department.