Tuition & Aid

Boston College is committed to providing access to students from all socioeconomic backgrounds by maximizing affordability and minimizing debt to ensure that admitted students can thrive in the Messina College program.

Tuition & Aid

  • The University’s financial aid policy is among the most generous in the nation, and Messina College students will be eligible for institutional financial aid regardless of citizenship status.
  • For students with high levels of need, their costs will be met as part of their financial aid package. 

Committed to Affordability

Boston College remains committed to making our exceptional education affordable. At Messina College, financial aid will be provided to meet 100% of demonstrated financial aid. This will allow students to make an enrollment decision based on best academic fit versus concern for finances. Qualified financially needy students will receive a combination of grant, loan, and work-study funds to resolve direct costs. Students will also be provided with low cost book options and a free laptop.

What is demonstrated institutional financial need?

Financial aid eligibility is based on a family's demonstrated need. Boston College is committed to meeting your demonstrated need with different forms of financial aid funds. Your demonstrated need is the difference between the cost of attendance and the expected family contribution, as determined by Boston College.

Cost of Attendance
– Family Contribution
= Demonstrated Need

Boston College is dedicated to making a high-quality Jesuit education available to students with limited financial resources. Our financial aid staff will work closely with students and their families to ensure that Messina College is an affordable option.

2024-2025 Billed First Year Costs

(Pending Board approval. Rates are subject to change.)

Comprehensive Tuition – Messina College (includes all fees)
Housing (11 months)
Food (21 meals/week)
Total $54,600
Estimate your eligibility for need-based scholarships and anticipate your college costs. 
An education at Messina College is more affordable than you think.

Quick Cost Estimator

This tool asks six basic financial questions to give you an early estimated range (Low/Best/High) of the amount your family may need to contribute for one year at Messina College.

For most students, the Best estimate is closest to the amount your family may need to contribute for one year at Messina College.

Quick Cost Estimator

Types of Aid

Scholarships and Grants

The terms "scholarship" and "grant" are used interchangeably at Boston College. Scholarships are aid that do not need to be repaid. Boston College is unable to provide financial aid to international applicants.

Note: Boston College institutional funding may be reduced if a student is eligible for federal or state grants.

Aid Application Deadlines

December 1

Early Decision

January 16

Priority Consideration

After January 16

Rolling Applications accepted on a space-available basis

How to Apply for Aid

Submitting Your Documents

Submit all financial aid documents using the CollegeBoard's IDOC service.

For more information on using this service, visit

Upload Limitations and Restrictions

  • File size is limited to 5 MB per document. If your document exceeds this size, consider the following:
    • Do not use a camera to create images of the documents
    • Do not attempt to upload color copies
    • Use a lower resolution setting when scanning documents
  • IDOC acceptable upload file types are .pdf, .tiff, and .jpeg format
  • Password-protected documents cannot be accepted

Your Unique Situation


Divorced or Separated Parents

Boston College believes that the primary responsibility for educational expenses lies with the student and the family. Therefore, both biological parents must submit financial information in order to establish a student’s eligibility for financial aid.

For exact details on what you need to submit, visit

If the whereabouts of your noncustodial parent are unknown, or if there are extenuating circumstances regarding your situation, please complete the Noncustodial Parent Waiver Petition. Please provide supporting documentation from a third party. Requests without supporting documentation will not be reviewed. Refusal of your noncustodial parent to provide information or support does not constitute a waiver.

Please note that Boston College will also accept the Noncustodial PROFILE Waiver Request made available to incoming students by the College Board.

All information is kept strictly confidential, unless a signed release is provided authorizing the sharing of information between all parties.


Independent Students

A student is considered federally independent if any of the following apply:

  • 24 years old
  • married
  • serving on active duty in the US Armed Forces
  • a veteran
  • a parent with dependents
  • an emancipated minor
  • homeless
  • assigned a legal guardian before the age of 18

For institutional aid purposes, all undergraduates at Boston College are considered dependent. We will only consider students independent in extreme circumstances. The student should submit a letter appealing dependency status to the Office of Student Services. The appeal letter should outline the student's relationship with his/her parents. We also require a letter from a third-party (counselor, teacher, social worker, lawyer for example) in support of the claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

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