Built on the excellence of Boston College’s Core Curriculum, our two-year associate’s degree program gives you a strong foundation for bachelor’s degree studies and a wide range of careers. The majority of courses are taught on the Brookline Campus by dedicated Messina College faculty, but students will also have the opportunity to take courses with faculty on the Chestnut Hill Campus. With four majors to choose from, you can explore your passions and specialize your degree.

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Our four Associate’s degree majors prepare you for specialized careers in education, business, health, and STEM fields. You will also be well positioned to further your studies and pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Applied Data Science

Students completing the Applied Data Science associate’s degree will gain skills in data processing, management, and visualization. They will learn fundamentals of computer programming and be introduced to concepts in algorithms and computer systems organization. Through real-world datasets and problems, students will learn how to analyze and think critically about data and algorithms arising in business, healthcare, criminal justice, social media, sports, and other applications.

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General Business

Students completing the associate’s degree in General Business will gain an overview of the various functional areas of business while developing skills in finance, accounting, operations, marketing, and business law.

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Applied Psychology & Human Development

Students completing the associate’s degree in Applied Psychology and Human Development will develop an understanding of concepts, issues, and theories related to children’s learning and development. They will develop the foundational skills needed for meaningful careers that support the lives of children and families.

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Health Sciences

Students completing the associate’s degree in Health Sciences will gain practical skills in patient care through both classroom and clinical placements. They will develop the foundational skills needed to pursue meaningful careers in the healthcare industry, including positions in hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, laboratories, clinics, and home health agencies.

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In their second year, all students will complete an internship or clinical rotation, earning credit and gaining valuable work experience in an area related to their interests and career goals. Messina College is securing partnerships to provide internships with top Boston-area companies and organizations, such as Liberty Mutual, for its students.

To increase the value of the internship, students will take a 3-credit seminar course alongside their internship. This course will allow students to:

  • Connect their internship experience to their academic and professional goals. 
  • Reflect on the professional skills they are gaining in their internships as well as their interests, skills, and values in general.
  • Describe the professional skills gained and communicate (both written and orally) evidence of competency to prospective employers.