The November issue of Boston College Law Review is now available. The latest issue commemorates the Gants Symposium hosted by BC Law in April 2021, which honored the life, memory, and legal career of Ralph D. Gants, the late Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. The volume includes personal tributary pieces as well as thematic essays discussing Chief Justice Gants’s contributions to criminal justice and procedure, equity and the legal profession, and access to justice. Links to the symposium pieces can be found below. The full texts are also available on the BCLR website.

Opening Remarks by Vincent Rougeau

Ralph Gants: Judge and Mensch by Deval Patrick

Remarks by Jeffrey Robbins

What's in a Name? Sometimes Everything You Need to Know by David Wilkins

Remebering Ralph by Scott Gilbert, Harold Hongju Koh, and Lawrence Tu

Testimony on Mandatory Minimum Sentences by Ralph D. Gants

The Extraordinary Criminal Law Jurisprudence of Justice Ralph Gants by Nancy Gertner

The Juvenile Justice Legacy of Chief Justice Ralph Gants by Barbara Lenk and David Rangaviz 

Reflections on a Revolution: How Chief Justice Gants Made Massachusetts a Leader in Eyewitness Identification Law by Erik Doughty and Radha Natarajan

Letter to Members of the Judiciary and the Bar After the Death of George Floyd by Ralph D. Gants and The Asscoatie Members of the Supreme Judicial Court

A Note to Readers by Boston College Law Review

Remarks at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center by Ralph D. Gants

"Diversity, Equity and Inclusion"—Catchy Slogans and Buzzwords with Little Proof That They Matter to the Legal Profession in Massachusetts! by Sheriece M. Perry

Depression to Dedication: How Chief Justice Gants Saved My Life and Catalyzed Ongoing Advocacy for Mental Health in the Legal Profession by Gavin Alexander

The "Gants Principles" for Online Dispute Resolution: Realizing the Chief Justice's Vision for Courts in the Cloud by Harold Hongju Koh

Speech at the Access to Justice Fellows Graduation by Ralph D. Gants

Chief Justice Ralph D. Gants and the Pursuit of Justice for All in the Massachusetts Courts by Dina Fein and Chip Phinney

Chief Justice Gants and Access to Justice: A Case Study in Leadership, Compassion, Brilliance, and Strategy by Russell Engler

One of One: Justice Gants and Lessons from the Keo Case by Joshua Goldstein

Remembering Chief Justice Gants as a Champion for Housing Justice by Larisa Bowman, Esme Caramello, and Nicole Summers

Photographs by Boston College Law Review