The Rappaport Center for Law and Public Policy at Boston College Law School officially announced the 2018 roster of Rappaport Fellows, twelve law students from Greater Boston schools with a deep passion for public policy. 

The Rappaport Fellowship awards students the opportunity to explore and expand on their varying interests in public policy by spending their summers working first-hand in state and local government on policy matters. The students work with top policy makers and are mentored by Rappaport Center Advisory Board Members, prior Rappaport Fellows, and notable civic leaders in the public service sector.

The Fellows were selected this year from a competitive applicant pool of students from Boston College Law School, Boston University School of Law, Harvard Law School, Northeastern University School of Law, Suffolk University Law School, New England School of Law, and University of Massachusetts School of Law.

“I'm always delighted when the new cohort of Fellows is selected," said Elisabeth Medvedow, Rappaport Center Executive Director. "They exude enthusiasm and passion for public policy and public service. I look forward to channeling their energies to become change agents for the social good."

The 2018 Rappaport Fellows are as follows:

Michael Anderson, Suffolk University Law School (1L)

Samuel Burgess, Boston University Law School (1L)

Garrett Casey, Harvard Law School (1L)

Robyn Casper, Boston College Law School (1L)

Lauren Koster, Boston College Law School (2L)

Anna Madrishin, New England School of Law Boston (1L)

Siri Nelson, Northeastern University School of Law (2L)

Daniel Ordorica, Boston University School of Law (2L)

Jennifer Peterson, Suffolk University Law School (1L)

Cloe Pippin, Boston University School of Law (1L)

Kayla Venckauskas, University of Massachusetts School of Law (2L)

Meg Ziegler, Boston College Law School (1L)

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