Philanthropy Boot Camp for Journalists

Philanthropy Boot Camp for Journalists


The Philanthropy Boot Camp for Journalists is designed to engage a limited number of the country’s leading journalists in a program that will help them to navigate the complex web of rules that define the way that this sector operates. Offered by Boston College Law School’s Forum on Philanthropy and the Public Good, with the support of a consortium of funders, this day-long program will engage many of the nation’s leading experts on philanthropy and public policy in an important program certain to benefit a journalist’s work.

Philanthropy touches everything. Whether covering political candidates or business practices, or probing the workings of universities, the arts, scientific research or social support programs, philanthropy often comes into play as a defining element. As a result, a working understanding the rules governing the philanthropic sector can be the key to fully understanding the story. And, as American philanthropy now exceeds $300 billion each year, equal to 2% of the value of the GDP, philanthropy has become a powerful economic force yielding great influence in the fields of medicine, public policy, education and beyond.

BC Law's Forum on Philanthropy and the Public Good has hosted several journalist boot camps. View more information about our most recent programs:

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