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Paulo Barrozo

Associate Professor

John C. Ford S.J. Distinguished Scholar

Associate Dean of Faculty and Global Programs


Paulo Barrozo currently serves as Associate Dean of Faculty and Global Programs. He works on public law and legal theory. He offers new understandings of rights, punishment, cruelty, structural mercy, legal education, distribution, institutionalization, the nature of the political realm, the nature and evolution of law, and the history of legal thought. Before joining Boston College Law School, he was a lecturer in social thought at Harvard University, where he was the first recipient of the Stanley Hoffman Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

Barrozo received an S.J.D. from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in political science from the Rio de Janeiro University Research Institute. In his pro bono activities, Barrozo advocates for the rights of children and the neurodiverse. His work is available at SSRN and on his website paulobarrozo.bc.edu.


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