Civil Rights Clinic

The focus of this clinic is on civil rights issues affecting low-wage workers and immigrants in the Boston and MA area. Students in the clinic have the opportunity to practice different types of lawyering, including individual client representation, as well as community and movement lawyering.

Students think critically about the role of the lawyer, client, and community in different lawyering models and the intersection of worker and immigrant rights and racial justice. The clinic docket will have both litigation and community group advocacy matters on it that support the organizing efforts of local grassroots and membership-based groups.

Each student in the clinic will be assigned at least one litigation matter and one community group advocacy matter and will be working in teams. On the litigation side, representative matters may include wage theft cases on behalf of low-wage workers and federal civil rights actions on behalf of immigrants mistreated in detention. On the community advocacy side, representative matters may include supporting organizing campaigns of a local union or worker center as well as local and state-level legislative and policy advocacy on behalf of organizational clients.


Reena Parikh