A letter from the Director


Dear Parents and Guardians,

My name is Yvonne McBarnett, the Director of the Montserrat office. It is with great joy that I welcome you and your son or daughter to Boston College and the Montserrat Community!

Their acceptance to Boston College is a great accomplishment. We recognize and applaud your child’s previous achievements, and have consequently taken on the mission of ensuring that your child will have the support and resources here at Boston College to continue on the path of success.

Your son/daughter has been designated to be a part of our office based on the FAFSA and income information provided by your family. We will serve as a supportive network for your son/daughter for the duration of his/her undergraduate experience. Our main objective is to assist students at the highest level of financial need so that they may participate and embrace an enriching experience in their Jesuit University. We will provide a variety of resources directly to your son/daughter and also serve as a liaison for them between many different areas of the University. Our office provides a safe, confidential, and comfortable environment enabling them to be authentic.

I will look forward to meeting your son or daughter soon!

Respectfully yours,

Yvonne McBarnett 


What We Do

What does Montserrat do for your child?

The Boston College experience extends beyond academics and includes service, reflection, exposure, and socialization; we intend to break financial barriers so that Montserrat students have the opportunity to experience and utilize all that BC has to offer. Montserrat hopes to be a platform for students, providing answers and support where possible and specific direction in situations where aid is better provided and needs more adequately met outside of our office.

In general, our office can assist with service and retreat funding, academic-enriching funding requests, free tickets to events on and off campus, job notifications, study abroad advisement, and emergency personal/financial support.

To learn about what our office does, you can download our Parent Guide (English).

Para obtener más información sobre lo que hace nuestra oficina, descargue la Guía de los Padres en Español.