About the Boston College Employee Handbook

Welcome to the online version of the Boston College Employee Handbook, originally published in October 1996. The information provided in this handbook applies to full-time professional/administrative staff and to full-time office/clerical and service staff. Most of the information also applies to part-time staff working at least 20 hours per week.

The handbook is intended to serve as a general guide, both for new employees as they become acclimated to Boston College and for all employees as a reference. The Employee Handbook should not be regarded as constituting a contractual arrangement with Boston College, and, except where governed by law, the University reserves the right to change the policies described herein.

Employment policies and practices for union employees may, in some cases, differ in compliance with an individual union's collective bargaining agreement with Boston College. Therefore, building/maintenance, switchboard, and Boston College Police Department employees, as well as other employees covered by collective bargaining agreements, should refer to their respective union contracts for further information. Members of the Jesuit Community may also be subject to different guidelines regarding employment policies and benefits eligibility; these employees should contact their supervisors for details.