Our Vision

To work objectively and collaboratively for the success of Boston College.

Our Mission

To support management and the Trustees of Boston College by:

  • Providing an independent and objective assessment of risk and aligning our annual audit plan with the strategic mission of the University;
  • Engaging with stakeholders to address risk, identify opportunities for continuous improvement and strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of operations;
  • Delivering value-added service to our clients by maintaining and sharing knowledge of industry trends and best practices; and
  • Performing our audit work in accordance with the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF).

Our Charter

If you have any questions or comments please email us at intaud@bc.edu.

Business Ethics Hotline

Sound business conduct requires that each employee, as a basic condition of employment, assume responsibility for safeguarding and preserving the assets and resources of the University, particularly those for which he or she is responsible. In accordance with the University Professional Standards and Business Conduct Policy, each University employee is expected to report any instance of suspected ethical misconduct to the Director of Internal Audit. If presented with reasonable evidence of a suspected ethical misconduct, the Director of Internal Audit will conduct an audit to determine if the reported suspicions of fraud are valid.

The University ethics reporting hotline provides an anonymous channel for employees to facilitate reporting of possible illegal, unethical, or improper conduct when normal channels of communication are not available or are impractical under the circumstances. You can submit an anonymous report through the EthicsPoint Hotline at bc.ethicspoint.com.

EthicsPoint will facilitate confidential and anonymous reporting of concerns about any aspect of University compliance, through either a direct telephone call or an online intake process. 


Meet the Auditors

Deloris Pettis

Deloris Pettis

Executive Director

Maggie Collins

Maggie Collins

Associate Director

Tim Roche

Timothy Roche

Senior IT Auditor

Ryan Zhong

Ryan Zhong

Staff Auditor