Procurement Services' mission is to excel at delivering value by being a front-end strategic partner with the Boston College community; research, teaching, administration, and all practice missions by leveraging the overall purchasing power of the institution, establishing a world-class supply base and providing superior customer service by dispersing university funds in an accurate, timely, and reliable manner to achieve a sustainable focus and competitive advantages.

Doing Business With BC

TO:        Boston College Vendors, Contractors, Suppliers
FROM:    Procurement Services, Boston College
DATE:    August 18, 2020
RE:        COVID-19 Boston College Requirements for Vendors, Contractors and Suppliers

Please Read this Important Notice in Its Entirety: It is Effective Immediately.

I hope this letter finds you and your organization well, especially during these challenging times. As Boston College works toward the safe re-opening of our campus and the return of our students, faculty and staff in the coming weeks, the safety and well-being of our community and your workforces is of utmost importance.  We want to communicate a few long standing and new requirements with regard to our working relationship.

Boston College seeks to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, also known as 2019 novel coronavirus, and has established procedures informed by medical professionals and applicable guidance issued from local, state, and federal public health authorities. Everyone who enters any Boston College facility is responsible for helping to prevent and control the spread of the COVID-19 infection. Due to the number of vendors, contractors, and suppliers interacting with the College, we are unable to accommodate requests to sign company specific or individual forms or letters relative to the College’s compliance with COVID-19 regulations and guidance. Instead, Boston College provides the following statement: 

Boston College has established policies informed by medical professionals and applicable guidance issued from local, state, and federal public health authorities,  including guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MADOH)  (collectively the “Guidelines”).  Boston College requires all vendors, contractors, and suppliers to comply with all federal, state and local guidance regarding Covid-19, including providing facemasks and personal protective equipment (“PPE”) for their employees while on the College’s campus.  Please see other requirements listed below under Minimal Standard Operating Procedures.

Boston College has established Minimal Standard Operating Procedures for all vendors, suppliers, and contactors to Boston College.

Minimal Standard Operating Procedures for Vendors, Contractors and Suppliers (MSOP)

Boston College is restricting visits to the campus at this time. Only those vendors, suppliers, contactors, and visitors that must be on campus are allowed. If you must be on campus, please adhere to the following MSOP:

·         You are required to conduct and pass a daily health self-assessment prior to coming to campus.


·         Do not arrive on campus if you have any symptoms of COVID-19.

·         If you have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days, you are prohibited from campus for 14 days while you quarantine.

·         A face covering that complies with MADPH and/or CDC guidelines must be worn at all times when providing services or visiting campus. Please note that Boston College is not able to supply vendors or visitors with face coverings or other personal protective equipment unless stated otherwise in their Boston College contract.

·         Vendors, suppliers, contactors and visitors should routinely clean and wipe down high-touch surfaces in the area(s) within their work zone(s) and must follow CDC guidance for cleaning and disinfection and use products that are effective against the virus that causes COVID-19. Please note that Boston College is unable to provide cleaning supplies unless otherwise stated in their Boston College contract.

·         Social distancing practices (link is external) must be followed at all times. Activities that do not allow for social distancing must be reviewed and approved by the vendor and contractor’s primary Boston College contact.

·         Boston College is now a smoke free, tobacco free campus and as such smoking or the use of tobacco products is not allowed on any Boston College property.

·         Boston College requires background checks on your employees if they visit campus.

All vendors, contractors, and suppliers sending employees to the College to visit or to provide a service are deemed to have acknowledged that (i) they have received this Notice, (ii) will comply with the requirements of this Notice, and (iii) have informed those employees about the College’s policies and requirements, and their obligations to comply. Failure to comply may cause denial of entry onto the College campus and cancellation of the work. Questions regarding these requirements should be directed to

Paul McGowan
Boston College
Procurement Services

Doing Business With BC

This information may be of relevance to companies who are doing business, or wish to do business, with Boston College. Boston College is a diverse community and requires a great deal of resources to keep it running well. Your help in providing these resources is greatly appreciated.

We hope you find this information helpful. If you require additional information, please contact the Procurement Services Office at 617-552-3055 or by e-mail at

In order to pre-qualify to provide goods or services to Boston College, email with a brief description of the services your company provides and any other relevant information. Your information will be forwarded to the appropriate buyer.

Copyright/Logo Use

Use of the name and/or logo of Boston College are restricted by the University. For information concerning their use, please contact Katie Foley, Associate Director, Marketing & Licensing: 617-552-1503

Vendor Forms

Credit Information

Boston College is a non-profit institution.  Business Credit Inquiries and Audit Confirmation requests for Bank of America depository and commercial loan accounts can be otained following the process outlined below.  

Credit inquiries on commercial banking accounts are handled through Billing Solutions, Inc. at For questions about the website please call 1-888-801-0091.

Same Day Service: $25.00

  • Request must be received prior to 3:00 p.m. est for same day service.
  • Request by mail are not accepted.

Three Day (non-priority) Service: $10.00

  • Requests are processed within 3 business days of receipt of payment. 
  • Requests by mail are not accepted.

Applicable fees will be billed directly by Billing Solutions, Inc.

Information provided: (on deposit accounts) Open date, type of account and average "collected" balance.  Limited loan information can also be provided if specifically requested.

Trade References

WB Mason

647 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210
Account representative: Brian Alcott

Fisher Scientific

300 Industry Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275
Account representative: Christine Deglmann

Metropolitan Pipe and Supply Co

303 Binney Street
Cambridge,  MA 02141
Account representative: Bob Keating

All terms and conditions are as per the Boston College Purchase Order Terms and Conditions. If you do not have a copy of these terms on file, please contact Procurement Services for a copy at 617-552-3055.

Trustee of Boston College is sales-tax exempt. Our Tax Identification Number is O4-2103545.

All invoices should be directed to the applicable buyer at:

Boston College
Procurement Services Department
140 Commonwealth Avenue
129 Lake, Room 250
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-3819

All invoices must reference the approved purchase order number. The "ship to" address will vary according to the associated purchase order.

All payment inquiries should be directed to Procurement at 617-552-3055 or All inquiries and correspondence must reference the purchase order number of the order in question.

Tax Exempt Forms

Boston College is exempt from Massachusetts State Sales Tax as a non-profit organization. This exempt status should only be used for purchases made for BC business. Goods and services purchased from out-of-state vendors for delivery and use in Massachusetts are exempt from sales tax if they are used in the conduct of the University's exempt enterprise, i.e. education and research. The University is not exempt from the Room Tax levied by hotels, motels and inns in Massachusetts or any other state or city charging room tax. As a general rule, Boston College is not exempt from Massachusetts Meals Tax.

Supplier Diversity Program

Boston College's Supplier Diversity Program is designed to enhance our supplier base by promoting opportunities to qualified diverse suppliers and fostering the University mission of welcoming diversity to our students, faculty, staff and community by expanding relationships and enriching economic opportunities.

Our objective is to promote greater minority-owned and women-owned business participation. This program forms a connection between Boston College, the small business and the MWBE (Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise) community. The inclusion of these businesses in the economic mainstream improves the economic stabililty of our community and improves overall diversity of the University. It provides an additional benefit where vendors may interact with our students, faculty and staff, providing greater opportunities for ideas, interest and overall experience.

By creating effective business relationships, we strengthen economic development and viability for disadvantaged businesses while providing a value-added strategy that increases competition. Through this commitment, we promote the opportunity for qualified MWBE's to receive fair and equal chances to provide goods and services to Boston College.


Purchasing/Sourcing: 617-552-3055

Accounts Payable: 617-552-3366