Ordering Timeline

Please read the information provided below before submitting your Catering Request Form. (All requests received after 12:00 p.m. will be processed the following business day.)

3 Business Days Notice

10 Person Minimum

  • Cold breakfast and lunch selections
  • Snacks and pastries
  • Cheese, crackers, fruit, and crudités
  • Cold hors d'oeuvres 

Your three-day catering selections are carefully prepared to satisfy short notice. Everything needed for your on-site setup and serving is included. Three-day catering doesn't include labor for clean up of the room—only the pickup of equipment. It's your responsibility to clean up the room. Any food left at the time of pickup will be disposed of by Catering Services. All requests received after 12:00pm will be processed the following business day. 

12 Business Days Notice

25 Person Minimum

  • Stationary and active selections
  • Hot hors d'oeuvres
  • Waited breakfast selections
  • Barbecues
  • Hot buffets
  • Waited meals
  • Linen, china, glassware, and flatware
  • Wait staff or chef


In order for us to serve you best and to get the correct items purchased, the options listed above need to be ordered a minimum of 12 days prior to any event. For initial planning purposes we will need an estimated guest count; however, we understand that it's hard to know what your final guest count will be so far from the event and as such will allow you to adjust guest number up to three days prior to the event (the day of the event isn't counted as an active business day for this planning). Three days prior to the event we will request a guaranteed number of guests. For special pricing for groups under the minimum number, contact the Office of Event Management at 617-552-0311. All requests received after 12:00pm will be processed the following business day. 


Additional Policies and Procedures


If you're planning an event with alcohol, please review the Boston College policy on alcohol use. Because alcohol licenses may take up to six weeks to secure, we suggest you contact Event Management at your earliest convenience. No outside alcohol can be brought in, all alcohol must be through Heights Catering and served through their Tips certified bartender. 

Table Settings and Service

To upgrade any event for use of china instead of scroll ware (paper/plastic), please speak with your event coordinator. The china upgrade cost is $7.15 per person with a minimum of $175.00 and will require Wait Staff.  Any event over 400 guests may require rental incurring additional charges for china and linen.

China and Linen Upgrades

  • Breaks/Receptions: $4.00 per person
  • Buffet Meals: $7.15 per person
  • Glassware: $5.10 per person


  • Tablecloths $9.00 (90 x 90 & 120 x 54, white)
  • Conference Tablecloths $35 (156 x 90 white, black or maroon)
  • Linen napkins: $2.00 each


Place Setting for Dinner Buffet Meals

  • China plates on the buffet table
  • Rolled linen napkins with stainless flatware on the buffet
  • Water glasses on the dining tables or with an included water station
  • Hot beverages station with China cups
  • Seating tablecloths are included for the dining tables


Waited Service

  • China plates, bowls, saucers and stemware for all included items
  • Seating tables set with linen tablecloths, linen napkins, and stainless flatware
  • Hot and cold beverages served by our staff



To make your event run more smoothly, food deliveries are planned to arrive 15 minutes ahead of the requested time to allow for set up. Please plan on having someone there to oversee this if it's a function without waitstaff. Charges for lost equipment will be billed to the sponsoring department. For events without waitstaff, Catering will use disposables whenever possible. Catering will pick up the equipment and any items left on the buffets, but it is not responsible for the cleaning of the room.

Guarantee Numbers

In order for us to prepare and order properly, we request that a guaranteed figure of the exact number of guests to be served is submitted to us three business days before the event. Please note that the actual day of the event is not counted as an active business day for this planning. This will be the number you are billed for unless the event goes over the count. Any event over 400 guests may incur additional charges for china and linen.



We are happy to provide waitstaff for your event. The minimum charge for each waitstaff is $190 for a 90-minute event, and $38 per hour for each additional hour of service. Staffing levels may vary due to level of service expectations. Labor will be billed separately from the food. Gratuities are neither charged nor expected.


Bartenders are billed separately from food and waitstaff labor. The minimum charge for each bartender is $195 for 90 minutes of service and $39 per hour for each additional hour of service.

Chef Attendants

The minimum charge for each chef in attendance is $155 for 90 minutes of service.

Late Fees

A surcharge of 25 percent may be added to orders received after the notice requested deadline for each level of service or for final counts submitted later than the three business day deadline. We will do our best to accommodate last-minute increases wherever possible. Please be aware that orders submitted after 3:00 p.m. or on weekends or holidays will be processed the next business day.


Due to health regulations, leftover food may not be taken from catered events. 

Student Event Supervision Fee

Rooms assigned directly to BC Dining have associated supervisor fees.  If an additional supervisor is required, the fee will increase to $250.

The cost for supervision of the following rooms is $125 for four hours. Any additional time will be billed an additional $125 for four more hours:

  • Boston/Newton/Heights Rooms
  • Stuart Snack Room
  • Faculty Dining Room
  • 129 Lake Street Dining Room
  • Walsh Function Room
  • McElroy Main Dining Room
  • The Eagle's Nest
  • Lyons (Welch) Dining Room

Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

The Heights Catering kitchen is not an allergy-free facility; however, care is taken to ensure that guests with food allergies are served the safest meal possible. Trace amounts of allergens may be present. Guests with sensitive allergies should reach out to their event coordinator. Ingredients can be furnished upon request. Guests with special dietary requirements (religious, medical, etc.) should contact their event coordinator to inquire about specific accommodations. Some services may require additional charges.

A notice of 3 business days is needed to ensure that accommodations for allergens or special dietary needs can be met. It may not be possible for Heights Catering to provide specific menu items for all special diets or allergens.