Video by Kevin Casey

"Art speaks across generations, transcending boundaries from geography to culture. Inspired by art's ability to celebrate individuality while fostering unity, we encourage everyone to explore their story, their own art history."

Every year in April, the Boston College Arts Festival celebrates our rich campus arts scene. For 18 years, the three-day event has highlighted achievements of accomplished alumni arts professionals, students, faculty, and other BC community members. Organized by the Boston College Arts Council, the festival has grown to include more than 1,000 participants and offers a wide variety of programming—most free of charge—to the public.

Last year, more than 16,500 alumni and area residents came to campus to enjoy some 80 events. Hourly performances, exhibits, and demonstrations showcase music, dance, fine arts, and our literary culture.

The Arts Festival never fails to be one of the most vibrant, colorful, and exciting events on campus each year.

Scenes from the Arts Festival

  • Student art on display in the Art Tent | Photo by Crystal Tiala
  • The Symphony Orchestra performing | Photo by Lee Pellegrini
  • Phaymus performs at the Arts Festival | Photo by Caitlin Cunningham
  • University Chorale performance | Photo by Lee Pellegrini
  • The Critics' Choice Dance Showcase | Photo by Caitlin Cunningham
  • Puppetry class performs | Photo by Lee Pellegrini
  • MASTI performs | Photo by Caitlin Cunningham
  • Student art on display in the Art Tent
  • ContemporaryTheatre performance