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Listed below are events produced by the BC Arts Council. For events produced by other art departments and programs, check out our Arts Calendar below. 

Arts Calendar

Spring 2016 Arts Calendar

This spring semester join the Boston College Arts Council in celebrating the arts at BC.  The eighteenth annual Arts Festival will be held on Thursday, April 28 through Saturday, April 30, so be sure to mark your calendars.  There are plenty of shows, lectures, concerts, and exhibitions to keep you busy until then.  Check the University Event Calendar to learn about all of the upcoming events, or follow this link to see a PDF of the Spring 2016 Arts Calendar.



Arts Festival

BC ArtsFest 2016 Logo

ArtsFest 2016

Are you ready for the eighteenth annual Arts Festival?  Last year was a massive success, with over 1,000 student and faculty artists participating.  This year is gearing up to be just as exciting, and everyone from BC students, faculty, staff and the public is invited to participate!  The festival will take place from Thursday, April 28 to Saturday, April 30.  For now, be sure to take a look at last year's Arts Festival Highlights for a more detailed look at festival events, from dance showcases to the Arts Awards Ceremony.



Highlights from the Previous Semester

Week of Dance

Week of Dance Banner
Week of Dance

During the first week of December the Arts Council and the Robsham Theater Arts Center premiered a brand new event, the Week of Dance! This week-long celebration was created to showcase the spectacular dancing talent Boston College has to offer.  With a movie night, photo exhibition, and dance workshops run by student groups, this event encouraged everyone to step outside of their comfort zone and dance.  The week culminated with two nights of a showcase featuring some of the best student-run dance groups at BC.  

The Pilgrim

The Wonderer, Sammy Chong

The Pilgrim

Location: Carney Art Gallery, Room 203

Last fall the Carney Art Gallery opened with its first official exhibition, The Pilgrim, by BC Visiting Professor Sammy Chong.  This exhibition featured Chong's latest work, which depicts the journey of a modern man in search of his authentic self. 

Arts Council Logo

For an up-to-date calendar of student events, visit our blog

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