Congratulations on your admission to Boston College! We hope that you enjoy your stay here and that your studies at Boston College will be a memorable and meaningful experience. Many helpful resources are listed below to help make your transition to life at Boston College progress smoothly.

Address Updates

Visa regulations require international students to report any change of address within 10 days of the change. To do so, simply update your local address in Agora. Your address information will be electronically transmitted to the OISS, and then to the Department of Homeland Security.

Course Registration

The Office of Student Services provides a variety of services for Boston College students and scholars. Commonly requested information includes academic calendars, current course offerings, and registration procedures and schedules.

Course schedules for semester- or year-long exchange students are arranged by the Office of International Programs.

Eagle One Cards

The Eagle One Card is a multi-purpose identification and debit account card which serves as the official ID card of Boston College faculty, staff, and students. The card provides access to facilities and services across the university. To obtain an ID card, visit the Office of Student Services located in Lyons Hall. Bring proof of identification.

Semester- and year-long exchange students will receive their Eagle One cards at orientation. 

On-Campus Employment

Visa regulations strictly regulate employment opportunities for international students. All international students MUST receive permission from OISS before beginning any work.

On-campus employment and off-campus employment procedures differ.

Please note: Undergraduate international students are not eligible to work on-campus until their SECOND semester at BC, unless they have transferred from another American university. Graduate international students with assistantships or who have attended an American university prior to coming to BC, are eligible to work on-campus in their first semester. All other graduate international students must obtain a letter from your academic department stating they are capable of handling work in addition to your academic requirements in addition to the requirements listed on the Career & Employment page.

On-campus employment opportunities are listed through the Office of Student Services. For job boards and strategies for finding off-campus internships or jobs, please consult the Career Center.


International Student Orientation is required for all freshmen and undergraduate transfer students who went to school abroad. It is strongly recommended for all new graduate international students, and we encourage you to make every effort to attend.

International Student Orientation is designed to supplement orientations arranged by other offices on campus (First Year Experience, Exchange Student, and Graduate Orientations). The program will allow you to meet both American and other international students, provide you with useful information about Boston College, and introduce information you should know as an international student in the United States.

Social Security Numbers

By law, Social Security Numbers (SSN) are only issued to F-1 international students who have secured a job on-campus. Although many institutions such as banks, landlords, etc. may ask you for one, you are not required to have one. J-1 students and scholars may apply for an SSN before they have secured employment.  

Note: You may have received correspondence from BC which states your “social security number” beginning with a “9”. This is NOT a social security number but rather a “dummy” number used for BC purposes only. 

Students Accounts & Tuition Payments

Student accounts and tuition payments are managed by the Office of Student Services. International wire transfers are accepted through Flywire. Contact Student Services directly for assistance.