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Touchstones for preaching

Touchstones for Preaching

Touchstones for Preaching is a resource to support priests, deacons and lay preachers in developing their preaching skills.  The six touchstones provided here are grounded in the 1982 document on preaching entitled "Fulfilled in Your Hearing" published by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The topics covered include: the sacramentality of the Word, the preacher as mediator, preparing the homily, shaping the homily, scripting for the ear and not the eye, and preaching as a vocation.  It includes units on preaching at weddings and funerals, preaching for justice, and preaching to children.


Flesh made word

Flesh Made Word: The Art of Crafting a Homily

This series introduces the viewer to the art of crafting a homily through a variety of preaching approaches. Much of the material is visual, and the examples are designed to explore a wide range of preaching methods, styles, and techniques.  This process was designed for both the seasoned and beginner preacher.  Each unit contains an introduction, a homily, and a conversation.  The topics covered include: preaching with a prop, a black saints celebration, mission preaching, preaching to children, preaching on Palm Sunday, bi-lingual preaching, pesame as a para-liturgical service, preaching as a Bible character, and multimedia preaching.

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