STM Online: Crossroads, a program of Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, offers non-credit online courses for adult spiritual enrichment and faith formation. With a focus on shared reflection in an online learning community, Crossroads models the kind of conversation and participation that lead to deeper understanding and personal growth in faith.


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The concept of Crossroads emerged in 2004 during discussions on how to extend Boston College's successful Church in the 21st Century initiative beyond its initial two-year period.  Two strategic directions were adopted:  first, to establish a permanent Church in the 21st Century Center, and, second, to develop an online program for adult Catholics to promote both greater understanding and personal growth in the Catholic faith. While not formally part of the C21 Center, Crossroads maintains a collaborative relationship with the Center and shares its mission of service to American Catholics in the new century.

In Fall 2004 Crossroads partnered with Boston College's Institute of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry (IREPM) to launch its first courses. In June 2008, Crossroads joined Weston Jesuit School of Theology and the IREPM to form the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry.

I feel so empowered since taking this course. . . . I have the utmost confidence that we will continue to pass on our faith for another 2000 years.
Kathy Danehy, Ft. Meyers, FL


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