Student Organizations

Our varied and vibrant student groups reflect the diversity of our student body, as well as the sense of community found at the Law School.

Our Student Organizations

These student groups sponsor programs individually and in coordination with one another. Among their combined efforts is the Law School’s annual Diversity Month, featuring exciting events and colloquia on campus recognizing the variety of people, cultures, and ideas within the United States.

Law Student Association (LSA)

This organization is the elected student government in the Law School. The LSA ensures that students are appointed to important law school committees and presents student interests to the faculty and administration. It also offers a broad range of professional, social, and recreational activities for students.


LAHANAS is the umbrella organization that includes our affinity groups at BC Law. LAHANAS, open to all students, focuses on supporting those from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds in their transition to the Law School and fosters relationships with external sponsors committed to increasing diversity in the legal profession.

LAHANAS Brochure (PDF)

Other Organizations

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