Student Life

The Tools to Succeed. The Support to Excel.

Law school can challenge students with intensive academics, but at BC Law, that challenge comes with unparalleled support and encouragement. Faculty, staff and alumni are all dedicated to helping students thrive, inside and out of the classroom.

Our professors mentor students personally and professionally, offering academic advice with an open-door policy, hosting extra-curricular activities, and helping them forge fulfilling career paths. Alumni connect with students over shared interests and placement opportunities. Students study and socialize together, share notes, and form lifelong friendships.

These bonds create a close-knit, inclusive community of more than 700 students, 13,000 alumni, and over 40 student organizations.


If you want a place that fosters learning in an open and collaborative environment, this is it. Students study together, professors hold group office hours, people share materials and notes with friends who miss class, and ultimately care and look out for one another.
Jeffrey Glick, BC LAW ‘11

Our students

Total enrollment: 726 JD, 16 LLM students 

Male: 52%

Female: 48%

Students of Color: 22%

International: 6%


Our faculty

69 full-time faculty

28% of faculty with advanced degrees in fields beyond law 

Student/faculty ratio: 6.9 to 1


Fall 2018 entering class

Number of applicants: 5,251
Enrolled students: 231

Median GPA: 3.62
25th percentile: 3.42
75th percentile: 3.68

Median LSAT: 164
25th percentile: 161
75th percentile: 164

States represented: 35 + Washington DC
Colleges and Universities represented: 112
Undergraduate majors represented: 53

Female: 52%
Male: 48%
Students of Color: 24%
Average Age: 24
Range: 21-36

Geographic Distribution: 35 states represented + Washington DC, Canada, China, India, Japan, Jordan, South Korea

Advanced degrees: 11