Professor Kari Hong discusses the potential role of torts in family separations at the border, and the importance of asylum seekers in two new op-eds and a podcast.

From Take Care: "That Bible Parable About The Plague of Tort Attorneys Who Sued The Border Patrol, ICE Officers, and DHS Bureaucrats" calls for the private bar to initiate private tort and federal action claims in federal court to name all individuals involved in this policy and hold them accountable under tort law.  

From WBUR's Cognoscenti: "Why America Needs More, Not Fewer, Asylum Seekers" explains how seeking asylum is not a crime, how Trump is engineering wrongful convictions, how the larger system has been rigged against asylum seekers for years, and on a personal note, why we need more asylum seekers.

From UN Dispatch Podcast: "How Separating Families at the Border Offends US Asylum Law and Tradition"