Faculty in the News


An Uneven Battle

Daniel Lyons comments in the Associated Press after the first week of trials between Apple and Epic, which he says will come down to proving antitrust violations.


Trump Rule Denounced

Patricia McCoy talks to WENY News about a new rule that could make it harder for banks to cut ties with fossil fuel companies.


Texas Election Lawsuit

Professor Kent Greenfield comments on continued election result lawsuits in NJTODAY, as both Republican and Democratic attorneys generals voice opposition.

Cathleen Kaveny

Fight for Catholic Voters

Professor Cathleen Kaveny warns against generalizing candidate views as indicators for Catholic voters in KIMT3.

David Olson

Fortnite Sues Apple

Professor David Olson is quoted ahead of Apple and Epic Games' battle in the courts on anticompetitive App Store environment in CNet.

David Olson

Fortnite Sues Apple

Professor David Olson is quoted ahead of Apple and Epic Games' battle in the courts on anticompetitive App Store environment in CNet.

Jeff Cohen

Legality of Pandemic Orders

MA SJC considers governor's authority to close businesses, and Jeffrey Cohen discusses the case on Bloomberg (begins at 32:38).

Professor Kent Greenfield

Pressure Builds

Professor Kent Greenfield appears on NBC Boston to discuss the whistleblower complaint and case against POTUS.

Professor Dan Lyons

Not a 'Slam Dunk'

Dan Lyons speaks to the Associated Press about the recent ruling on conflicting state and federal laws around Net Neutrality.

Renee Jones

Highly Speculative

Prof. Renee Jones' testimony before House Committee on private equity "unicorn" start ups and the dangers of deregulation is quoted in Business Insider.

Patricia McCoy

Deregulating Banks

Prof. Patricia McCoy talks to ABC Channel 4 on the potential effects of changes in bank regulations.

BC Law professor Mary Bilder

Madison's Hand

On Jan 31, Founders Professor Bilder will challenge traditional views on how James Madison shaped the Constitution in Museum of the American Revolution lecture.

Professor Michael Cassidy

A Tweetstorm

Professor R. Michael Cassidy comments on a prosecutor's use of social media in Nola.com article.

Prof. Kari Hong

The Border Crisis

Professor Kari Hong talks to BYU Radio's Top of Mind on what's happening with the migrant caravan in Mexico.

Prof. Dan Farbman

The CNN Lawsuit

Professor Daniel Farbman breaks down the suit against the White House and the new AG on NECN's The Take.

Professor Kent Greenfield

"Special Horses"

Professor Kent Greenfield is a guest on First Mondays, a podcast on SCOTUS news, to discuss corporate personhood.

Paul Tremblay photo

Under Fire

BC Law clinical professor Paul Tremblay talks to the Boston Globe about the questions raised about City Hall ties of outside counsel investigating the fire department.

Prof. Cathleen Kaveny

Could the Church Take a Risk?

Libby Professor Kaveny gives her thoughts on abortion after the Ireland vote in a Commonweal op-ed.

Prof. Kari Hong

California Lawsuit

Professor Kari Hong talks to the Associated Press about the Trump administration's lawsuit, which echoes the Arizona immigration fight.

Prof. Shu-Yi Oei

Tax Cut for Gig Workers

Professor Oei talks to The Morning Call about the potential benefits of the new tax bill for contract workers.

Prof. James Repetti

GOP Tax Plan Concerns

Professor Repetti quoted in MetroWest Daily News on the Trump tax plan's impact on Massachusetts.

Prof. Robert Bloom

Witness Testifies in Hernandez Trial

Professor Bloom talks to the Boston Globe about the ex-NFL star's latest day in court.

Prof. Mary Holper

Sanctuary Cities: Missing the Point?

Professor Holper is quoted in Boston Magazine about Sanctuary Cities and 287(g) agreements.

Prof. Kari Hong

The Truth About Sanctuary Cities

Professor Kari Hong is featured on a BYU Radio podcast.

Prof. Mary Holper

Immigration's 'Sanctuary Cities'

Professor Sherman in quoted in Boston Magazine about Somerville's mayor and Donald Trump

Prof. Francine Sherman

Lost girls

Professor Sherman quoted in Baltimore Sun story on young women in Maryland’s juvenile justice system.

Professor Kari Hong

Transgender Case Lands in Supreme Court

Professor Hong talks to ABC News about a potential major ruling on transgender rights.

Donald Trump

Trump's Taxes

BC Law Professor Jim Repetti analyzes the massive 1995 loss that allowed Trump to avoid years of taxes on NECN.

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