Faculty Colloquia Series

Faculty Colloquia

Boston College Law School hosts a faculty workshop series throughout the academic year. Distinguished scholars from U.S. and foreign law schools are invited to share their works-in-progress and engage in lively discussion of their drafts and the legal and policy issues underpinning their work.

In addition to this general faculty workshop, several subject-matter based workshops are also run during the year in the fields of legal history, tax law, constitutionalism & democracy, law & public policy, and regulation & markets.

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BC Law graduate at workshop

Katharine Young
Associate Dean of Faculty & Global Programs


Current Schedule

Spring 2022

Thursday March 3

Shyam Balganesh (Columbia)

Monday March 14

Emily Ryo (USC)

Friday March 18

Junior Faculty Roundtable, with BC junior faculty and Emilie Aguirre (Duke), Benjamin Eidelson (Harvard), Kerrel Murray (Columbia), Eleanor Wilking (Cornell)

Monday March 28

Rashmi Dyal-Chand (Northeastern, visiting at BC)

Monday April 4

Joshua Kleinfeld (Northwestern University)

Monday April 11

Katharina Pistor (Columbia)

Monday April 25

Larry Helfer (Duke)

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