Faculty Colloquia Series

Boston College Law School hosts a faculty workshop series throughout the academic year. Distinguished scholars from U.S. and foreign law schools are invited to share their works-in-progress and engage in lively discussion of their drafts and the legal and policy issues underpinning their work.

In addition to this general faculty workshop, several subject-matter based workshops are also run during the year in the fields of legal history, tax law, constitutionalism & democracy, law & public policy, and regulation & markets.


BC Law Stuart House

For more information, please contact: 
Diane Ring
Associate Dean of Faculty
(617) 552-0604

Fall 2019


Monday September 16, 2019 

Michelle Wilde Anderson (Stanford) 

Monday September 23, 2019 

Allison Tait (U. Richmond) 

Monday October 21, 2019 

Troy McKenzie (NYU)

Monday October 28, 2019 

Jocelyn Simonson (Brooklyn) 

Wednesday November 20, 2019

David Kenny (Trinity College Dublin)


Spring 2020


Monday January 27

Danny Sokol (U. Fl. Levin College of Law)

Monday February 10

Justin Marceau (U. Denver Sturm College of Law)

Monday March 16

Emily Ryo (USC)

Monday March 30

Sandra Wachter (Oxford University)

Monday April 6

Joshua Kleinfeld (Northwestern University)

Sarah Rajec (William & Mary)

Alex Kreit (Thomas Jefferson)

Ruediger Veil (Bucerius, Germany)

Shu-Yi Oei (Tulane)

Mark McKenna (Notre Dame)

Alex Tsesis (Loyola Chicago)

Peer Zumbansen (Osgoode Hall)

Adrien Wing (U. Iowa)

Judy McMorrow (Boston College)

Zyg Plater (Boston College)

Margaret Woo (Northeastern U.)

Jason Kreag (Arizona)

Barak Orbach (U. Arizona)

Justin Desaultels-Stein (U. Colorado)

David Wirth (Boston College) 

Robert Ahdieh (Emory)

Kristine Huskey (U. of Arizona)

Avlana Eisenberg (Florida State)

Mark Bell (Trinity College Dublin)

Marilynne Sadowsky (Sorbonne)

Veronica Root (Notre Dame)

Jared Elias (Hastings)

Mihalis Diamantis (U. Arizona)

Zahr Said (U. Washington)

Manoj Viswanathan (Hastings)

Jorn Axel Kammerer (Bucerius, Germany)

Jasmine Harris (U.C. Davis)

Guy-Uriel Charles (Duke University)

Mila Sohoni (University of San Diego)

John Goldberg (Harvard University)

Cynthia Estlund (New York University)

Michael Waibel (University of Cambridge)

Ryan Doerfler (University of Pennsylvania)

Lee Fennell (University of Chicago)

Mattias Audit (Sorbonne)

Issa Kohler-Hausmann (Yale University)