Director's Message

Welcome to the Boston College Law School LLM Program.

Our LLM program is designed to immerse participants in the United States legal system, and help prepare them for the challenges of the legal profession in an increasingly global legal community. Most of our students are lawyers trained in other countries, but we also welcome applications from experienced US lawyers who may uniquely benefit from advanced work here.

The program is informed by two central ideas. First, the presence of international LLM students and advanced US practitioners in the Law School community, both inside and outside of the classroom, enriches our understanding of international legal norms and diverse legal cultures. Second, by coming to Boston College for a year, you are not only getting an exposure to the latest developments in the US legal system, you are also helping bring ideas about social justice and public service – ideas that are central to our educational philosophy -- to a world stage.

The LLM program possibilities are as diverse as the students we attract. If you join us, you can choose from among most courses in the Law School’s extensive curriculum, including both introductory and more advanced courses in your particular fields of interest. We do not channel students into particular subject area tracks, so you can sample a range of different fields if that makes sense for you. However, the curriculum also gives you ample opportunity to specialize in a particular area, both formally and informally.

BC Law has always placed a foremost emphasis on the professional knowledge that every good lawyer must possess, and that knowledge is imparted within a framework of ideals that have made the study and practice of law a calling for so many who come here. This ethos makes for students who are at once highly credentialed and highly collegial in their relationships with each other and with the faculty. It also makes for a strong sense of community that springs from a shared respect for law as the cornerstone of a society, and a shared respect for one another as legal scholars. That is what I think is special about BC Law.

We hope that you will join us and become part of this global movement forward.

Susan Simone Kang


Susan Simone Kang
Director, Graduate Legal Education & International Programs