Frequently Asked Questions

Your Academic and Professional Profile

Who applies to the Boston College LLM Program, and what are the minimum degree requirements for applying to the LLM program?
We consider applicants who have either (a) graduated from a U.S. law school that is approved by the American Bar Association, (b) obtained a full degree in law from a non-U.S. university or (c) been admitted to practice law in a country other than the U.S.

Our candidates represent a diverse range of academic pursuits, number of years out of law school, as well as career positions in the law.  This range of experience very much reflects the broad diversity of exposure of our candidates in law, legal education and work experience around the world. It is part of our mission to help you to benefit from and contribute to this rich diversity. We are looking for the combination of talents that allows you to be poised to succeed in your field of interest, with a set of skills that make not just good lawyers but good people: remarkable technical proficiency, strategic vision, interdisciplinary perspective and leadership capability.

Where can I find information about the LLM Program?
Please check our website and feel free contact us to for a list of alumni in your field of interest and geographic focus. We would be happy to put them in touch with you.

If I am here or visiting in the Boston area, can I arrange a meeting with an LLM Admissions representative? Can I sit in on a class?
We encourage you to come visit us! Please contact Julie Geary to arrange an informational visiting day so that you can meet with our Director of International Programs, Susan Simone Kang, attend a class in your area of interest, and meet one-on-one with a current LLM student. We also recommend that, since you are already in the United States, you should visit all of the schools you may be considering in order to get the best sense of whether a school’s LLM program is the best fit for you.

What if I can’t be in the Boston area during the application season?
If you are not able to be in the Boston area, please contact Julie Geary, who can set up a skype interview with Director Simone Kang. Director Simone Kang can discuss the mission and framework of the LLM Program  with you, and answer any questions you may have.

What is the Summer Institute and who should attend it?
Boston College Law Summer Institute: Foundations of US Law and Practice is a three-week program for up to 30 participants from outside the U.S. The program offers interactive sessions led by Boston College Law School faculty on areas of their expertise in U.S. law; daily intensive small-group (approximately 10 participants) sessions with Boston College Law School faculty on legal reasoning and communication, including oral and written projects; and opportunity to participate in simulations including trial practice and negotiation workshops. The Summer Institute also includes visits to courts and law offices and informal discussions with judges and practicing lawyers. We recommend LLM students of all career levels to attend. In the past, Professors have also attended as participants from around the world.

What is the personal statement and what role does it play in my application?
Your personal statement is perhaps one of the most important aspects of your application. We would like to understand the purpose for your interest in the law, understand your vision for addressing a current legal problem, and how you intend to promote the advancement of law in your chosen field of interest. We especially appreciate your explanation about how your time in our LLM Program can help you achieve these goals.

Your Multilingual Skills

Do I have to take the TOEFL or IELTS? What is the minimum TOEFL or IELTS score?
You must submit evidence of your English language ability unless either (a) English is your native language, or (b) English was the language of instruction for your entire legal education. If you did not receive your full-time legal education entirely in the English language you must take the TOEFL examination within two years prior to submitting your application to the LLM program.

For the internet-based test (iBT), we require a total score of at least 100. For the paper-based test, we require a score of at least 600. Our minimum IELTS score is 7.0.

What is the TOEFL reporting code for Boston College Law School?
To ensure that your TOEFL score reaches Boston College Law School, please use the following reporting code: Institution code: 3083, Department code 03.

Am I eligible to get a waiver of the TOEFL requirement?
You may request a waiver of the TOEFL, but we consider any requests on a case by case basis. Waivers are not automatic, and are granted at the sole discretion of Boston College Law School, whose decision is final.

Can I send Boston College Law School my most recent TOEFL score even after the deadline?
Yes, we will accept new TOEFL scores throughout the admissions process. You may retake the TOEFL and arrange for ETS to have your new score report sent to us as soon as it is available.

Your Transcripts

My official final transcript will not be available by the application deadline. What should I do?
Please submit the most up-to-date official transcript available. You should have your official final transcript sent to us as soon as it is available.

Your Recommendations

How many recommendations are required?
Three letters of recommendation are required.

Who should write my recommendation letters?
Identifying the people you choose to be your referees is important based on where you are in your career. If you are a more recent graduate of law school, recommendations that are written by law school faculty members and law supervisors in internship capacities who know you well are very helpful. If you have spent time in private practice, government, ngo or in-house after graduation, then a recommendation by someone for whom you have worked in a professional supervisory capacity is very helpful as well.

How to Apply to the Boston College Law School LLM

What are the required application materials for the LLM program?
Your completed application must contain the following:


  • Completed LSAC report or paper application form
  • Résume or c.v.
  • Statement of purpose
  • Three signed Letters of Recommendation
  • Official Transcript(s) with certified English translations
  • Official TOEFL or IELTS report (if applicable)
  • Application fee of US$75


What type of LLM admissions cycle does Boston College Law School have and what is the deadline to apply?
Boston College Law School does not have an early review/early admission option, but rather has a rolling admissions policy for LLM applications, so we encourage you to submit your application materials as early as practicable. Our LLM application deadline is April 15, at 11:59 p.m., U.S. Eastern time, we typically receive applications as soon as the LSAC application “goes live” in September.

How do I submit an application?
You may submit through LSAC here, or you can submit your application downloading our paper application here. We highly recommend that you use the LSAC service. 

What should I do if I encounter technical difficulties with my application?
If you are using the LSAC service, please contact LSAC with technical problems relating to your application. If you are applying on paper, please contact Julie Geary. She will assist you with your application submission, issues regarding online recommendations, and any other technical concerns that you may have.

Will you review my application even if some of the supporting documents are submitted after the deadline?
Our ability to review an application will depend on what we have on file for you. Please contact Julie Geary if you have any concerns about getting your supporting documents submitted on time.

How do I find out whether a document has been received or if my application is complete?
Julie Geary will reply to individual inquiries to verify receipt of your application materials either through LSAC or through the paper application process, and confirm the status of your application.

Do you accept materials sent by email?
Materials that you submit electronically through the paper application process must be mailed to us by post in hard copy in order for us to formally complete your application. Please send them to:

Boston College Law School
Office of Graduate Legal Education and International Programs
885 Centre Street
Newton, Massachusetts 02459

When will admission decisions be available?
Admissions decisions are communicated to all applicants on a rolling basis, usually within a month of receipt of your completed application. If you are facing a deadline for accepting an offer from another school, you may email Julie Geary, who will give you an indication of the status of your application. Please be sure to attach a copy of the admission offer from the school in question in your email.

Will I be able to take courses with JD students?
The US Legal System is a course where LLM students meet as a group; otherwise, you will be taking the rest of your courses with JD students.

What courses are mandatory?
The US Legal System and Law Practice 1 are mandatory LLM courses for any students who has studied their first degree in law outside the United States. Both courses are designed to prepare students to develop the foundational law and practice skills needed to conduct legal research, writing and analysis in US law. LLM students and first year JD students take Law Practice 1 together.

What are the Boston College Law School LLM concentrations and am I required to take a concentration?
The Boston College Law School LLM offers five concentrations: Business and Commercial Law, Human Rights Law, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property Law and Tax Law. These concentrations are available to you, but you are not required to take a concentration. Director Simone Kang will counsel with you to determine whether you might want to complete a concentration.

Who will advise me on course selection?
Director Simone Kang counsels students before, during and after their experience in the LLM Before the LLM begins Director Simone Kang will discuss your academic interests and career aspirations, and work with you to prepare a program of study. This program of study is revisited during Orientation and at the beginning of each semester, to confirm your interests.

Is English language support available for LLM students?
There are multiple areas in which your English language development is supported during the LLM program. The Law Practice 1 course is specifically designed to give you English language research, writing and analysis training in context with legal problem solving. It is one of the most unique and highly regarded programs for this pedagogical approach. In addition, there is an additional weekly academic support session for Law Practice 1, as well as one-on-one meetings for the course managed by Director Simone Kang. In addition to the course and its core academic support, LLM students can also discuss their work with peer tutors both at the Law School as well as the Connors Family Learning Center at the O’Neill Library by appointment. The Office of International Students and Scholars also provides support throughout the year.

Is knowledge of other languages in addition to English seen as an asset at Boston College?
In an increasingly global world of law, economics and communication, capacity in multiple languages are seen as a highly valued asset. At Boston College, courses at the School of Social Work are available in Spanish, and the School of Arts & Sciences conducts language courses.  At the Law School several of our faculty are multilingual, in French, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Spanish, our library professionals consult in Mandarin, and our Visiting Scholars add an array of languages to our rich multilingual community. Your participation in the LLM give you access to this community of scholars and allows you to contribute your own knowledge of language and culture to our Boston College community.

Is it possible to transfer to the JD program once I complete the LLM program?
Yes, we review requests to transfer upon the completion of the LLM program to the JD program, on a case by case basis in coordination with our Office of Admissions.