Criminal Justice

Our Criminal Justice Clinic comprises the Defender Program, the Prosecution Program, and the Criminal Justice Clinic Class. Combining defense and prosecution programs grants students access to a range of perspectives and experiences in criminal case preparation and presentation, and is designed to encourage reflective discernment considering a broad range of perspectives.

Students emerge with knowledge and skills in:

  • Attorney-client relationships
  • Prosecution function
  • The criminal justice system and conceptions of fairness
  • Self-reflection and critique
  • Informed, creative, ethical, sensitive, and independent judgment
  • Recognizing and addressing ethical and moral issues in casework and exploring the meaning of professional responsibility
  • Articulating the theories, values and assumptions by which one is acting and making decisions, and developing habits of examining, elaborating and improving these constructs
  • Integrating lawyering and various fields of law with an understanding of human behavior, morality, and other disciplines when working on cases
  • Reflecting upon the severe harm to personal and communal flourishing caused by the interplay of poverty, unemployment, deficient education, crime, addiction, racial and ethnic tensions, imprisonment of family members, and lack of family support systems and rehabilitative services
  • Criminal case preparation and presentation, enabling the participation in the criminal justice system that facilitates the preceding goals.