Advocacy Programs

In advocacy programs, students compete with one another to sharpen their lawyering skills.

Our William E. and Carol G. Simon Oral Advocacy Program helps students build the persuasive legal skills needed in courtrooms and boardrooms across the country and throughout the world.

A variety of competitions allows students to craft persuasive presentations, develop intellectual agility, and respond effectively to questions under pressure. Students also gain another vital quality of successful attorneys: confidence in the courtroom.

We consistently perform well in national and international competitions, and we’re one of the only law schools to encourage 1L students to participate in American Bar Association negotiation and client counseling competitions.  



Negotiation Competition

Simulating legal negotiations, students explore a variety of negotiation styles and hone their strategic and communication skills. Teams of two compete in head-to-head matches to reach settlements on behalf of theoretical clients. Held each fall.

Faculty contacts: Alan Minuskin and Paul Tremblay.


Client Counseling Competition

In a simulated office consultation environment, students act as attorneys meeting with clients. Developing their interviewing and counseling skills, students acquire the relevant information to advise clients on their legal positions and possible actions. Held each fall.

Faculty contact: Evangeline Sarda.


student arguing before judges

The Wendell F. Grimes Moot Court Competition

The highlight of our advocacy slate and the most prestigious BC Law intramural competition. Students sharpen their written and appellate advocacy skills writing briefs and preparing oral arguments on Constitutional or federal statutory interpretation. Held each spring.

Faculty contact: Rosemary Daly.

student arguing in moot court

Business Transactions

The premier moot court experience for students interested in transactional practice and part of the LawMeet collection of interactive educational competitions. Student teams prepare and propose draft agreements and negotiate deals during regional and national meets.

Faculty contact: Brian JM Quinn.


The Mock Trial Competition

Planning litigation strategies, preparing witnesses, and conducting all elements of a civil or criminal trial, students participating in the Mock Trial Competition showcase their oral advocacy skills. Held each fall.

Faculty contacts: Cathy Bennett and Pail McManus.


Third-Year Academic Moot Court Competitions

Third-year students can also participate in a range of external moot court competitions, including:

  • National Moot Court
  • Philip C. Jessup Moot Court
  • European Law Moot Court
  • National Environment Law Moot Court
  • J. Braxton Craven Moot Court
  • National Criminal Procedure Moot Court
  • First Amendment Moot Court