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We're preparing top-notch lawyers, in an ethic of service, to be ready for the challenges of this next generation.
Odette Lienau, Marianne D. Short, Esq., Dean and Professor

Quick Facts

8.3 to 1

Student/Faculty Ratio

Learn from world-class faculty.


Clinic & Externship Placements

Hands-on experience.


MA First-Time Bar Passage Rate (2022)

Emerge career-ready for any field.


Employment Rate

Pursue your dream career.

Our Faculty

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Lifetime relationships begin at our annual LAHANAS retreat. Incoming LAHANAS students mingle with current students, faculty, staff and alumni, who welcome them to the BC Law community. There's nothing more moving than attending an affinity group event and seeing members of all student affinity groups present, supporting one another, as we celebrate who we are.
Lisa Brathwaite, Assistant Dean, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion



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