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"You are going to be challenged. You are going to be learning from people who are constantly challenging themselves."

Vincent Rougeau, Dean

Boston College Law School has earned a national reputation for educational excellence, academic rigor, and the highest standards of professionalism.
Vincent Rougeau, Dean
BC Law: Impact
A Thanksgiving Reflection  Link to article
2020 was not the year any of us expected. Given everything happening in the world around us, it is easy to lose sight of the good. But in honor of Thanksgiving, I wanted to re...
November 23, 2020
Courtney Ruggeri
A Night on 10 NW: Why I’m a Volunteer and How It Changed My Outlook on the Law  Link to article
Note: Identifying information has been changed to protect the privacy of those mentioned. There come few more humbling experiences in life than getting destroyed at a video ga...
November 19, 2020
Tom Blakely
I Can’t Wait Until This Is All Over: Three Ways To Respond To 2020  Link to article
I proudly spend some of my time between Zoom classes, case briefs, and outlines, scrolling through Tik Tok while attempting to escape the pressures of 1L. I may browse Faceboo...
November 16, 2020
Travis Salters