Law School

We prepare our students for success in the profession at the highest levels, in a way that is uniquely suited to their particular talent.
Alfred Yen, Professor

Quick Facts

6.4 to 1

Student/Faculty Ratio

Personal instruction from world-class faculty.


Clinic & Externship Placements

Gain hands-on experience in real-world settings.


Employment Rate

Emerge career-ready for any field.

Our Faculty

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Lifetime relationships begin at our annual LAHANAS DEI retreat. Incoming LAHANAS students mingle with current students, faculty, staff and alumni, who welcome them to the BC Law community. There's nothing more moving than attending an affinity group event and seeing members of all student affinity groups present, supporting one another, as we celebrate who we are.
Lisa Brathwaite, Director, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Programs



BC Law: Impact Blog
My Admissions Essay One Year Later: A Commitment to Equity  Link to article
Re-reading my admissions essay this week was a strange experience. My aim was to communicate what had ultimately brought me to the point of applying to law school. For me, law...
October 21, 2021
Jonathan Bertulis-Fernandes
On the Nature of Grief  Link to article
“The most meaningful thing someone said to me after my father’s death was the following: ‘be kind to yourself. This phrase, although simple, is truly powerful. You...
October 18, 2021
Ismail (Izzy) Ercan
Where Abortion Is Illegal  Link to article
The young girl was sick, afraid, and ashamed when she came to the hospital. She had had an unwanted pregnancy. In Uganda, abortion is illegal.[1] Without access to safe, legal...
October 14, 2021

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