Student Experience Survey

The summary of the Student Experience Survey is now available. The results show a lot of what is right about BC—86% of Boston College students would recommend BC to others and 75% would choose to go to BC again—and also some areas where we need to improve.

Designed by a University-wide team of students, faculty, and administrators, the survey was created to gain a better understanding of the BC student experience both inside and outside of the classroom, by examining students’ views on University mission, academics, student services, culture, and community.


Who took the survey?


BC undergraduate students

Student Response


would recommend BC to others


are intellectually engaged


have done volunteer work


developed a stronger sense of purpose

Areas of Improvement

  • Students who identify as AHANA, LGBTQ, or high financial need generally responded less favorably about the overall BC environment, especially on questions measuring a sense of belonging.

  • BC students expressed a desire for more inclusive and integrative space and programming, as well as a desire for more opportunities to engage with diverse people and perspectives.

  • The housing lottery and food options on campus were two areas rated as important, but with a lower level of satisfaction.