Traffic and Parking Enforcement

Boston College Traffic and Parking Regulations are enforced by the Boston College Police. Enforcement may include sanctions of warnings, ticketing, towing, vehicle movement restrictors, administrative action and revocation of parking privileges.

All traffic laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts apply on Boston College property.

  • Crosswalk/Sidewalk Regulations
    Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all times and vehicles must stop for pedestrians entering or in crosswalks.
  • Accessible Parking Regulations
    • Parking in an accessible parking space requires a certified handicapped placard displayed at all times from any state.
    • Faculty, staff and students with certified state-issued accessible parking placards are required to also have an active registered Boston College parking permit posted on their vehicle if parking in accessible parking spaces on campus.
  • Speed Limit Regulations
    All vehicles, including Boston College service vehicles, electric carts, gas-powered carts, bicycles, motorcycles, and all other wheeled vehicles are subject to these limits:
    - Surface roadways 15 MPH
    - Parking lots and garages 10 MPH
  • Traffic Control Regulations
    • All vehicles must stop at designated stop signs and stop bars painted on the road surfaces.
    • All traffic must obey surface arrows, one-way markers and signs.