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Date posted:   Mar 06, 2024

Retiring Gracefully

Photo of Retiring Gracefully

Fee: $60 | Five Weeks
Explore how God is present in your life and working in the sometimes perplexing and uncertain process of retirement, from anticipation to realization of life after full-time employment.


For many moving closer to an actual or imagined retirement date, the reality of the event and life afterward may begin to seem puzzling, uncertain, or daunting. In this course, participants will be able to examine the most common issues that perplex or cause concern. The goal of the course is not to answer every question, but to explore how God is present in our lives and working in the process from anticipation to realization of life after full-time employment.


  • Week 1: Introductory Week
  • Week 2: Taking Inventory: Money, Place, and Possessions
  • Week 3: Meaning, Purpose, and Structuring Time
  • Week 4: The Challenge of Change
  • Week 5: Realization

Additional Materials Needed:

All materials will be made available in the course.  

Content Scholars:

Barbara Anne Radtke, Ph.D. served as a continuing education specialist in Boston College School of Theology and Ministry from its beginning in 2008 to 2019.  She is the author of Understanding the Sacraments: The Fabric of Our Catholic Lives (2018).