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Date posted:   Sep 20, 2023

Finding a Moral Compass

Photo of Finding a Moral Compass

Fee: $30 | Four Weeks
This course lays out the social nature of the human person, explaining that Catholic Social Teaching is the Church's conviction about the human dignity of every person, as well as stating the demands that this places on each of us if we are to honor and protect our human dignity.  


These issues will be addressed in light of the practice of discernment which seeks to understand what God is like, what you are like as your most authentic self, and how to find confidence that your desires are in sync with God's deepest desires for you. 

"The source of the moral call is the foundational experience we have of the worth and value of persons. This is the basic data upon which ethical reflection begins."  -Fr. Himes O.F.M.


Getting Started Week: Introduction to the course
Week 1: What Prompts Moral Concern?
Week 2: The Human Person as Sacred
Week 3: The Human Person as Social

Content Scholars: 

Fr. Kenneth Himes, O.F.M., (video) is professor of theological ethics at Boston College Department of Theology; Sr. Barbara Quinn, R.S.C.J., (video) is associate director of spiritual formation at the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry.