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Date posted:   Nov 23, 2022

A People of Hope

Photo of A People of Hope

Fee:  $30 | Three Weeks

The Christian story the metanarrative of salvation history is shaped by biblical figures that continue to inspire us, guide our faith, and ground our hope and our lives as believers.  Inspired by the Jesse Tree, this course unpacks the Advent theme of hope as lived out by our forebears in faith.


Using Scripture, videos with Fr. Michael Himes, and essays by the late Fr. Raymond Brown and Dr. Colleen Griffith, we look at some of the people in Matthew's genealogy and others people of hope who readied the way for Jesus and for us.  With these stories in view, participants are invited to reflect on what it means to embrace and live out Christian hope today.


Week 1: A Cloud of Witnesses
Week 2: Deep Remembering with the Gospel of Matthew
Week 3: Living into Hope with Friends of God and Prophets

Additional Materials Needed:

All materials are available on the course site. 

Although a Bible is available online, you may also wish to have a Bible available in hard copy.  For online Bibles, we recommend:

Content Scholars: The late Rev. Raymond Brown, S.S. (text), Dr. Colleen M. Griffith (text), and Rev. Michael J. Himes (video)