A conversation on race and policing

Former U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli speaks as 2016 Rappaport Center Distinguished Lecturer

Academic Year Programming

The Rappaport Distinguished Public Policy Series stimulates discussions around crucial issues of public policy today. The Rappaport Center organizes lectures, roundtable discussions, and conferences that attract some of the most influential scholars, lawyers, students, policymakers, and government officials. 

Each semester, the Rappaport Center provides high-profile lectures and public policy roundtable conversations on pressing issues facing our municipalities. The Center continues to focus on equity/inequity and equality/inequality, critical themes necessary for all discussions involving law and public policy.

2016 Rappaport Distinguished Lecturer Donald Verrilli

A conversation on race and policing.

On occasion, the Rappaport Center also hosts Distinguished Lecturers or Visiting Professors. The common goal of all programming is to foster open exchange of ideas and respectful discourse among government, business, non-profit and academic thought leaders, and to devise practical solutions to complex challenges.

Since going remote in the 2020 Spring term due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Center began the Rappaport Center Webinar Series.

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