An entrepreneurial mindset is a critical component for new ventures, innovation within large companies, starting social initiatives, and developing a rewarding and impactful career in an ever-changing world. The TechTrek course is a 1-credit professional development course that introduces students to the entrepreneurial mindset and is open to and intended for undergrads enrolled in any undergraduate program at BC (e.g. CSOM, MCAS, LSOE).  The course combines traditional classroom elements with a series of in-person and Zoom meetings with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and other executives throughout the semester.  

In the past year, students have met with senior leaders at companies like Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, Salesforce, Goldman Sachs, Tesla, Dropbox, Fanatics, Twitter, numerous venture capital firms, and startups of all shapes and sizes. Course work and visits have an entrepreneurial focus, covering topics such as venture capital, entrepreneurial management, artificial intelligence, blockchain/ cryptocurrencies/ NFT, social media and platform strategies, cloud computing, and the social/ ethical implications of digital technologies. 

We also spend class time reflecting on our visits with entrepreneurs, discussing what implications the visit has for our understanding of business strategy and our own careers. The class is intended to help students identify and explore their own interests in relation to the increasing digitalization of the business environment and what these interests mean for their career trajectory. Enrollment is limited. 

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TechTrek is a 1-credit professional development course that combines classroom learning with online and in-person interactive sessions featuring prominent entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and other business leaders. Students who have taken the course have said it is a "life-changing experience".

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