Accelerate@Shea is a 9-week program that provides student startups with expert advice, resources, and funding to launch and grow their businesses.  

Teams have access to a network of founders and mentors, including alumni and friends of Boston College.

Through comprehensive workshops and one-on-one office hour sessions, Accelerate@Shea aims to bring together the innovative startup community at Boston College by giving teams the opportunity to discuss their progress and build a relationship with other student entrepreneurs going through the same challenges.

Several student founders who have been a part of a past Accelerator cohort have gone on to grow their startups in the professional world. Others have used their Accelerator knowledge to jumpstart successful careers in entrepreneurship, finance, technology, and many other fields.

The Start@Shea logo, which features gray text in a sans serif font reading START SHEA BOSTON COLLEGE. In between the words 'start' and 'Shea' is a gold lightbulb shape, where the buld filament creates the shape of an @ symbol.