The Intersections Villa faculty writing retreat is inspired by a Jesuit tradition. The Jesuits spend much of their time in their own individual pursuits, as scholars, teachers, and administrators in universities around the world.  Small groups of Jesuits periodically get together for a week or two in what’s known as the Villa, to regroup and recoup by spending time together in a relaxing environment, away from their usual homes, workplaces, and daily concerns.  Many Jesuits consider this practice to be vital to the flourishing of the Society of Jesus and of its mission in the world.

The Intersections Villa is a variation on this theme. Members of the Boston College faculty spend five days on the Maine coast, for a writing retreat that allows them to focus on one aspect of their role in the Jesuit mission of higher education, that of scholarship or creative work.  Most of their time on Villa is their own to write, read, or walk on the beach as they please.  The only planned activities are meals and evening gatherings, when participants join their colleagues for informal discussions of their work over dinner and a glass of wine.

The retreat allows faculty to get a jump start on their summer projects, and gives them the opportunity to get to know colleagues and their work in a beautiful and serene setting.