A sabbatical is a period of renewal, a time to reflect upon and reinvigorate our professional and personal lives. While a sabbatical generally involves a considerable amount of work (those books and articles don’t write themselves), the origin of the term is derived from the Greek word sabbatikos, “of the sabbath,” implying some degree of rest, reflection, and, for many, worship.

Official sabbaticals, alas, come only once every seven years. But shorter versions can be both possible and productive, especially when we take them at the end of the academic year, prior to embarking on our summer endeavors. Intersections and BC Initiatives for Formative Education invite you to participate in our Three Day Sabbatical, to be held at the Connors Center Dover retreat house.

We’ll spend some time together, at meals and in short conversations.  But most of the time will be your own, to spend as you wish in whatever activity you find to be a source of renewal. You might read, write, meditate, walk, do yoga, listen to music, pray, or do some combination of these or other things.