Ideally, a university is a community with a shared mission and a culture of collegiality, a civitas. In practice, however, the many demands on our time and energy are such that we have few opportunities to meet and talk with colleagues outside of our own departments and schools.  Boston College can resemble a neighborhood in which residents seldom interact with anyone other than their immediate neighbors. Occasionally, it would be good to have a neighborhood barbeque so that more people can get to know each other. 

Intersections invites you to what we think of as a campus equivalent of the neighborhood barbeque, albeit a more formal version—a Civitas faculty lunch. Held regularly during the academic year, these lunches are intended to foster conversations and connections with colleagues in a great setting. 

Whether you are new to Intersections (and perhaps to the university as well) or are a past participant in one of our faculty retreats, international immersion trips, or other programs, we look forward to your participation.