Hit Your Stride

Sophomore year is an important and formative time in a person's college experience.  

The first year of college is mainly about a smooth transition, and students have many resources at their disposal to ensure they get off to a good start. For juniors and seniors, having determined their academic focus and being eligible for leadership roles around campus means they generally have a healthy balance in their academic and social lives. 

Sophomores, however, are still in a critical time of self-discernment; they have successfully adapted to university life, but are still figuring out their academic, social, and spiritual path forward.  

Stride is specifically designed to help sophomores feel established at BC. 

The program introduces second-year students to some of the most popular and respected faculty on campus through a lecture series, builds social connections through regular co-ed small groups, and helps students grow as leaders through a formational retreat experience.

The purpose of the sophomore formation program is to help students begin to ask bigger questions about who they are and who they want to be as a person. In order to be a leader, you first have to know yourself. Stride combines an academic, social, and spiritual approach to help second-year students integrate different aspects of their lives on campus.  

Participants in Stride will:

  • Participate in a program-wide kick-off event prior to the first day of classes
  • Attend four lectures from amazing faculty members on a variety of subjects
  • Meet weekly with seven other sophomores and two junior or senior leaders for a co-ed small group discussion
  • Attend Halftime, a weekend overnight, about leadership, vocation, and purpose

Stride is open to all rising sophomores (Class of 2024) who want to make roots at BC and grow in their self-knowledge and leadership ability. Selected participants will be asked to submit a $100 program contribution to participate in the program. This contribution helps cover a small portion of the cost of running the program. Full or partial financial assistance is available to those who demonstrate a financial need and/or are part of programs like Montserrat.

The Stride program runs from August-December 2021 (Fall 2021 semester).

All four lectures will take place on Wednesdays from 6-7 p.m. during the fall semester. Attendance at the Stride lecture series is mandatory for all leads and participants. A full list of dates will be provided upon invitation to the program.

Stride Forming Sophomore Leaders